Gene Cunningham - February 2, 2003

1st Peter #1

1st Peter  #1

See Conference notes . Peter compares suffering with fire. Suffering often brings people to Christ. Daniel refuses to bow to the gold image (Dan 3:15-30). In the fire of affliction: (1) God wants to liberate us, (2) to bring us into a relationship we've not had to date, (3) to make us reach out to someone with the gospel. To the degree we share the sufferings of Christ in that we should rejoice (1Pe 4:12). By the time Peter wrote 1st Peter, the Christians had left Paul (1Ti 1:15). "Elect" is a modifier on the word "Pilgrim" - they were scattered accidentally (1Pet 1:2). The picture of the word "scatter" is that of a farmer sowing seed (1Pe 1:1, Acts 8:1, Acts 8:4). Sanctification means "set apart". When we are finally obedient, we become the priests sprinkling Christs's blood on others. "Living hope" is the quality of life we have. Ezra returned from the captivity seeking to learn, do and teach the word of the Lord (Ezr 7:10). 

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Scripture References: Ezra 7:10, Acts 8:4, Acts 8:1, Daniel 3:15-30

From Series: "1st Peter - Fellowship of Fire - Denver Colorado - 2009"

These lessons were taught at the first annual Rocky Mountain Bible Conference in Spring 2009. First and Second Peter are grouped in what are called the General Epistles written to the church at large. The theme of First Peter is the refining and growth potential in our sufferings 1Pe 1:3 1Pe 1:6; 1Pe 2:2. This epistle was written to believers scattered by persecution throughout Asia Minor (1 Pe 1:1). The date was circa 64-65A.D. the beginning of Nero?s persecutions. First Peter is the best known and loved of these epistles called by E.J. Goodspeed ?One of the most moving pieces of persecution literature.? This epistle is written to suffering believers and is styled by Isaac Walton as ?affectionate loving lowly and humble?. This epistle conveys an intense expectation of the Lord?s return as seen in 1Pe 1:51Pe 1:71Pe 1:13; 1Pe 2:12; 1Pe 4:1317; 1Pe 5:14.

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