Dear Friends,

As life in the USA creeps back towards normal (maybe!) our brothers and sisters around the world are still being adversely affected by Covid and the government controls that come with it.  

We just heard this morning that Pastor Manuel of Saramariza, Peru has gone to be with the Lord due to Covid-19.  His wife, Linda is very sick.  Manuel is one of the highly esteemed pastors that we work with in Peru and lives in a very remote jungle area.  Please pray for The Lord’s comfort and strength for his wife and daughter, Eirene, and for Linda’s recovery from the sickness.  

In India churches are still shut down.  We heard from our contacts in Nepal this morning that they are still under lockdown as well.  This makes it extremely difficult for laborers to work and earn the money needed for daily life and they continue to need our prayers and support.  

Please pray for Gene as he prepares for our upcoming AZ conference and continues to work his way through the writing of Notes on The New Testament- he is half way through Romans!  Pray for the editing staff that is helping to get this work into a printable form.  

Please pray also for our fellow soldier and friend, Bob Norris and his wife, Ann. He is in the hospital and will be beginning dialysis treatment.  

Thank you all for caring and sharing in these needs around the world.  

God bless,
Gene and Nan