You may know…

the Basic Training Bible Ministries staff has been working on a new web site since late last year. Some of you have contributed to our development costs, and many have provided suggestions that we have implemented.

Well …

we went operational last night!!

The new is now built on updated technology, all the original content is still accessible, and you should find it easier to use. We certainly have found it easier to maintain. The new website will adjust visually according to your screen size. If you had previously added a desktop or home screen link to the old mobile site (, that will now be re-directed to the main site. If you had created any other specific link or bookmarked any material on the old site (e.g., a bookmark directly to the old audio listing), they will no longer work; new links or bookmarks for specific material will have to be re-created.

There are several notable new features:

  • A drop-down menu structure
  • A “Basic Doctrines” collection
  • Single page audio lesson access
  • A “Contact Us” form
  • An “Order Books” form
  • Easier access to recent related posts (e.g., the Simplicity Series)
  • Standardized Future Conference Event details (always on the home page)

Check it out and enjoy!

Gene, Nan, and the BTBM staff