Rise up, O Mighty Warrior! Go in Splendor and might before Your holy ones. Let Your shield and sharp two-edged sword be our defense and security.

Let Your battle-cry echo across the plains and through the mountains. Stir your army at dawn, to totally crush the forces of the enemy!

Cause the wicked in their hiding places to tremble, at the shaking of the earth. Let their faces be drawn in fear, as they hear Your forces on the move.

Open Your ear to the cry of the weary, the torn, and the afflicted. Give their tormentors no place to hide, as you tear them out from their dens of iniquity.

Let Your army shout, “Victory!” as they go, from strength to strength, from faith to faith, and from glory to glory. Let their feet make the world to tremble as they march.

Send forth your invisible host to sweep away the demonic horde. May the howls of the host of Satan ring through the land. They have been caught in their own snares, and the pits they have dug have become their graves.

Open the ears of the deaf and the eyes of the blind, that they might hear Your glorious Gospel, and see the Savior—crucified, buried, and risen again in victorious life.

O Mighty One, Lord of Hosts, King of the universe, Warrior of the Ages, Shepherd of Your People, You who lift up the broken, who heal the wounded, who shelter the little ones. Majestic and Glorious Savior—hear our prayer this day!

Dawn of Election Day – 2020

Gene Cunningham