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Gene Cunningham - September 25, 2003

Ezekiel #32

Ezekiel #32

Ezekiel was a watchman (Eze 33:1-6). As such he is a picture of the 144,000 evangelists in the tribulation. God uses nations to judge nations. Physical deliverance is at stake (Eze 33:5, Mat 24:15). Watchman is held accountable to "warn the wicked" (Eze 33:7-9). Righteousness will not save a believer during national discipline (Eze 33:10-12). Discipline starts at the house of God (Eze 9:6,1Pe 4:17). God wants men to see our good works (Mat 5:16). We'll be judged for our conduct (Eze 7:8, Eze 7:27, Jer 32:19, Rom 2:4). Repentance will result in change in conduct (Eze 33:13-15). The nation of Israel ceased to exist in John the Baptist generation (Mat 3:10, Luk 3:8). God cannot be called unfair (Eze 33:16-20). All sin (Eze 33:21-26). God is serious about all individuals and nations. All will know He is the Lord (Eze 33:27-29). "They hear thy words, but they don't do them" (Eze 33:30-33).

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From Series: "Ezekiel - 2002"

Ezekiel's vision of God's glory effected his life.

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