Gene Cunningham - December 8, 2002

Revelation #1 (Rev 1:1-3)

Revelation #1 (Rev 1:1-3)

The purpose of the book of Revelation is to reveal Jesus Christ as the victor in the spiritual conflict and explain what was, what is now, and what is to come in history. The greatest assurance that we have as believers is that Jesus Christ controls history. Heb 1:2. This lesson gives us an introduction to the book, an overview of chapter 1 and an outline of the entire book. The foundation for understanding Revelation is to understand 5 works the Holy Spirit performs in relationship to the Bible. There is a blessing of the book that can be obtained only by those who have trusted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This blessing is obtained by hearing the book taught and reading the book, but these two acts must be accompanied by the application of what we’ve learned to our life. Rev 1:3. This blessing represents the 1st of seven beatitudes found in the book of Revelation. Other doctrines introduced in the teaching of this 1st lesson are the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Deity of Christ, the Inspiration of the Word of God, the Rapture of the church, and the Tribulation. The ultimate challenge of the book of Revelation is to live in the expectation of Christ’s return. 1Ti 4:8

Scripture References: Hebrews 1:2, Revelation 1:3

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The Apostle John wrote the last book of the Bible while exiled on the isle of Patmos for his faith.

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