Gene Cunningham - December 11, 2009

Power of Praise #4

We've been redeemed to be a trophy of His Grace — to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ. The Praise of Proclamation is illustrated by Jesus Christ (Heb 2:10-13). We are a highly prised gift to Jesus Christ from God the Father. Jesus' anguish (Psa 22:1-21), is turned to praise (Psa 22:22-31, Joh 10:10-11). God doesn't ignore us in our affliction (Psa 22:24) in the sense of fulfilling purpose (Luk 18:1-8). What was the joy (Heb 12:2)? Us. Example is Daniel and friends in the midst to the fire proclaim Sovereign power (Dan 3:17-18); their willingness to stand firm and praise resulted in reward — fellowship with Christ and impact. They left the deliverance option to the Lord. Reward was when Nebuchadnezzar responded (Dan 3:28-30). Proclamation of deliverance an victory ahead of time by David: "the battle is the Lord's" (1Sa 17:45-47). David often praised God ahead of time (1Sa 26:23, Psa 43:5). Proclamation of trust (Job 1:20-21, Job 2:9-10, Job 13:15). Job regains praise after repenting (Job 38:1-2, Job 42:1-6).

Scripture References: Job 38:1-2, Hebrews 2:10-13, Hebrews 12:2, Job 13:15, Luke 18:1-8, Job 2:9-10, Psalms 22:24, Job 1:20-21, John 10:10-11, Psalms 43:5, Psalms 22:22-31, Daniel 3:28-30, Job 42:1-6, Psalms 22:1-21, Daniel 3:17-18

From Series: "The Power of Praise - Perth Australia 2010"

The Perth Australia Conference in January 2010 taught 'The Power of Praise.'

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