Gene Cunningham - December 11, 2009

Preview to the Power of Praise

"God's righteousness is revealed from faith to faith" (Romans Key verse - Rom 1:17). Without faith God's righteousness won't be revealed. Faith is an action word. Faith left not practiced creates a spiritual vacuum -- a mind full of Biblical principles but devoid of God's charter. Good and evil are not opposites; but evil is the absence of good. Without light there is darness; light pushes out darkness. Paul rebukes his Jewish readers with the Law and light for judging (Rom 2:3-8); The goodness of God (Rom 2:4) is a manifestation of His Righteousness, so is the judgement of God (Rom 2:5). This should motivate the way we live. Our current actions can stockpile God's wrath (Rom 2:5-6). God is going to give each one of us "according to his deeds" (Rom 2:6). Paul is talking about this life now. In the soul of any human being seeking truth, God will reveal Himself (Rom 2:7-8). Job said, "that which I greatly feared has come upon me" (Job 3:25); how we respond influences the outcome. If God seems like an enemy, remember that God still renders to every man according to his deeds (Rom 2:6). Pharaoh illustrates that God returns to every man according to his deeds (Rom 9:17-18). Rahab humbled herself and turned by faith; the rest of Jerico fell as a result of their deeds. Jews turned away and Gentiles responded in faith (Rom 9:30-33).

Praise ascribes glory, adoration, and exaltation to God for His person and His work. God is worthy of praise because of who He is and what He does. Everything we see of Joseph is praising God (Gen 50:20, Rom 8:28). If we can face hardships and calamity glorifying God. Job praises God and is rewarded (Job 1:20-21, Job 42:12-17). Abraham was willing to give God praise, so God revealed His Righteousness through blessing, not judgement. Jehoshaphat praised the Lord under potential attack from the Ammonites (2Ch 20:1-25). David praised God (1Sa 17:1-58). Paul praised God though beaten and in chains (Act 16:20-31). We you reject the truth, there's only the lie; when you reject love there's only hate; when you reject light there's only darkness. Paul was "burdened beyond our strength that we despaired even of life" but God delivered him (2Co 1:8-10).

Praise languages: God is worthy of praise even when life stinks through:

  1. The language of Proclamation (David — 1Sa 17:47; Paul — 2Co 1:9-10, Job 1:20-21),

  2. The language of Prayer (Jehoshaphat — 2Ch 20:5-12,

  3. The language of Song (Paul and Silas — Act 16:1-40; Jehoshaphat —2Ch 20:22), and

  4. The language of Rest (Heb 4:3-11; Peter — Act 12:1-25). 

Give God the praise He is due,

especially when life is painful, times are perilous and days are dark,

so that He'll reveal Himself in greatness, power, and blessing!

Scripture References: Hebrews 4:3-11, Romans 2:6, Genesis 50:20, Acts 16:1-40, Romans 2:5-6, Romans 9:30-33, Job 1:20-21, Romans 2:5, Romans 9:17-18, Acts 16:20-31, Romans 2:4, Romans 2:6, Job 42:12-17, Romans 2:3-8, Job 3:25, Job 1:20-21, Romans 1:17, Acts 12:1-25, Romans 2:7-8, Romans 8:28

From Series: "The Power of Praise - Perth Australia 2010"

The Perth Australia Conference in January 2010 taught 'The Power of Praise.'

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