Gene Cunningham - December 21, 1998

Upper Room Discourse #5

Upper Room Discourse #5

"Let" means permit God to do what He wants in us (Col 3:15-16). Aspects important when when we look at scripture: (a) we need honesty (humility) - He's the only One who can impact our lives; (b) accuracy - rightly dividing the Word; (c) assume relevance - what we read applies to us now; (d) what we read is practical - we need to obey the spirit behind the letter. The greatest promise in scripture: "You will see me: because I live, you will also"... "and he that loves me shall be loved by my Father, and I will love him and will manifest myself to him" (Joh 14:19-21). The Word of Life is that which was manifested to John but can be to us (1Jo 1:1-4). Similarly, the Lord manifest Himself to Moses (Exo 33:12-23).

Scripture References: Exodus 33:12-23, John 1:1-4, John 14:19-21, Colossians 3:15-16

From Series: "The Upper Room"

Originally given in Tucson AZ in August 2007 this series amplifies the crux of Christian doctrine as delivered by Jesus to His disciples in John chapters 13 through 17 - the Upper Room.

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