Gene Cunningham - May 23, 2000

Living Sacrifice 02

A sense of urgency is important (Rom 12:1-2, Ecc 3:1-8) because time is short and ordered. God's plan appointed our time and it's comprehensive. There's a right thing to do at any time. God has planned these things. Sometimes God is planting spiritual seed, but other times uprooting -- plowing up the ground of our soul (Ecc 3:2b). An appropriate time for emotion (Ecc 3:4, 1Co 13:11). A time to pick up stones and time to use them -- example David (Ecc 3:5a). Don't be hypocritical (Ecc 3:5b, Rom 12:9). There's a time to keep silent and to speak (Ecc 3:7). Example is when someone is being slandered -- we should speak up. Time is fleeting (Psa 90:12). Failure to manage time with a sense of urgency (Jam 4:13-15). Don't let a sense of urgency turn into haste. (1) dangers in haste -- "haste makes waste" (Psa 31:22, Psa 116:11). "He who trusts in Him will not make haste" (Isa 28:16); (2) God has established four limits for us (Job 14:5): space, matter, intellect, time. (3) When we make haste we violate the limits (e.g. time) hurry casues accidents. (4) When you're in a hurry, you pay the highest price for common things. Ask God to show you the pace you should have for your life.

Scripture References: Ecclesiastes 3:5, Psalms 116:11, Ecclesiastes 3:5, Psalms 31:22, Ecclesiastes 3:4, James 4:13-15, Ecclesiastes 3:2, Psalms 90:12, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Ecclesiastes 3:7, Job 14:5, Romans 12:1-2, Romans 12:9, Isaiah 28:16

From Series: "Living Sacrifice (1995)"

Romans 12 and specifically Rom 12:1-2 is a pivot point between the doctrinal section and application of the book. This series methodically uses this passage to outline aspects or doctrines of the christian life -- God's provision and our prospect. Our lives can be acceptable to God if we progress on the path He intends. Living Sacrifice presents 12 doctrines: (1) redeeming time; (2) standing (positional truth); (3) self-presentation - availability; (4) approval; (5) service; (6) provision; (7) spiritual warfare; (8) conformity; (9) spiritual advance; (10) renewal; (11) divine guidance; (12) abundant life.

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