Gene Cunningham - April 19, 2023

What type of blood does God have?

What kind of blood does God have? 1st Peter 3:18-19 answers this: “You were redeemed with the precious blood of Christ as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.” Jews would instantly think, Passover lamb. The Passover Lamb set us free. And I hope that you never look at the term “blood of Christ” and only think of the blood that ran in His veins. You know, in Acts Chapter 20, when Paul says, “God purchased the Church through His own blood.” What kind of blood does God have? Type A? Type B? O-negative? No, he put it in those terms so that we would understand that when we use the term “the blood of Christ,” we are talking about a payment that is so deep and so vast and so universal so absolutely astounding. The only way to describe it is “Blood of Christ,” because we know He hung on that cross. We know that He died. But what we forget is He was imputed with the sins of every member of the human race. All of the shame, all of the guilt of those sins passed through His soul. That was the "precious Blood of Christ."

From Series: "Gospel Shorts"

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