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Joshua # 04 -- Jos 2:1-25

Joshua # 04 -- Jos 2:1-25

Rahab pictures a believer in Christ. She trusted the Lord and called upon the Lord for physical deliverance (Rom 10:8-13). If you are bold enough to confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord" and call on Him, you'll be saved. Paul refers to the Roman laws where citizens were forced to worship Caesar. Outline of Joshua Chapter 2:  Evidence of Rahab's faith (Jos 2:1-7, Jam 1:22, Jam 2:25); Expression of her faith (Jos 2:8-13, Heb 11:31); Emblem of her faith (Jos 2:14-24, Isa 1:18).

7 ways Rahab pictures a believer in Christ:

  1. She was a sinner under condemnation of death;

  2. She was given a period of Grace to respond to the truth (Gen 13:15-16);

  3. She had her the word of God, and was told of His power and might to deliver (Jos 2:10-11);

  4. She believed in the word she heard and the Lord it proclaimed (Heb 11:31);

  5. Her faith was productive in works (Jos 2:1-24, Hab 2:4);

  6. She had the desire to see others saved (Act 16:31);

  7. She entered into the family of Jesus Christ by marraige (Mat 1:5, Joh 3:39)

 The emblem of her faith is the scarlet cord (Jos 2:12-15). She asked for a covenant oath. Spies make a blood covenant with her (Jos 2:16-20).

The Scarlet Cord

  1. The scarlet cord was a symbol of a harlot open for business.

  2. Midwife uses a scarlet cord when Perez was born of Tamar and Judah (Gen 38:12-26). Tamar pretended to be a harlot. The cord distinguished the order of birth.

  3. Scarlet color is linked with sin and spiritual harlotry (Isa 1:18, Jer 4:30, Eze 23:40).

  4. Scarlet is associated with the curtains and veil in the tabernacle. Blue, Purple, and Scarlet: blue connotes heaven; purple means royalty; scarlet is sin. From heaven comes Royalty who will bear the sin (Exo 25:4, Exo 26:1-36).

  5. Scarlet was used the sprinkling of blood of sacrifices for the purpose of cleansing (Lev 14:4-6, Lev 14:48-53, Num 19:6) 

  6. Scarlet in the New Testament (Mat 27:22-31). Matthew uses the real color of the Roman robe placed on Him. The robe is called Purple for the idea of the color - Royalty (Joh 19:2-5)

  7. The soldiers contempt shows the world's mockery for the King of Kings who came to humbly and willingly die for our sins. 

  8. The word translated cord in Joshua (TIQWAH) has the same root as the strongest Hebrew word for faith (Isa 40:31). Scarlet signifies blood and sin. The cord became a symbol of her covenant relationship with the Lord.

Hebrew CHESED is a love associated a covenant relationship (translated "kindness" in Jos 2:12). Now we have a responsibility to be faithful to the covenant. Rahab was asking to be delivered during the destruction of her nation. We have a far greater covenant relationship entered through marriage directly to the Lord.

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