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Hebrews 05

Hebrews 05

Heb 1:4-14, 1Jo 1:9 Heb 1:1-3 Superiority of Jesus over the prophets The old covenant is fulfilled in Jesus. The author is arguing for in the first Key verse: Heb 8:2 Only Revelation and Hebrews look at what Jesus is doing now, His current ministry. Three divine anointing: prophet, priest, king. His revelation is superior to the one by the prophets. Heb 1:4-7 He is superior to the angels Gnostic Judaism developed a fascination toward angels, and it was a dangerous pitfall. It was like the pantheism of the Greco-roman world, and it became a false worship. Col 2:18 Seven Goals of book of Hebrews, purposes: 1. To warn unbelievers to repent before the coming national judgment. 2. To warn believers of apostasy because that was the cause of the judgment. 3. To clarify the spiritual war and angelic conflict in its relation to mankind. In Christ is our only help on this battlefield. Our victory is totally dependent on the fact that Jesus is superior to angels. 4. To reveal the glories of Jesus Christ so we fix our eyes on Him. 5. To stimulate the body of Christ to spiritual growth onto maturity. Heb 5:11-14, Heb 6:1-8 6. To orient believers to a discerning to the difference between Law and Grace Rom 6:14 7. To teach the benefits of the High Priestly ministry of Jesus Christ. Our whole life depends on what He’s doing, and what we’re supposed to be doing is determined by what He is doing. We are supposed to be fulfilling a simultaneous function. He uses seven Old Testament verses, called the stringing of pearls. We are the recipients of the ministries of angels because Jesus is the victor in the angelic conflict. Heb 1:4-5 better, key word of book. Better in His exalted humanity He is better, and represents each person who has believed, and what we will be, and that we’re seated with Him. Col 3:1-3 Psa 2:7 This is fulfilled in Phi 2:5-11 having become=it took a process, in His incarnation. The process is virgin birth gennao, victorious in earthly life, and then glorified. Jesus gained His rightful inheritance. Because He humbled Himself so much, He is highly exalted to the Father’s right hand. Jesus as the rightful heir is given the more excellent name, His reputation, honor, dignity. He is better than the angels because He has earned this inheritance that no one else could do. His inheritance was earned. Heb 1:5 2SA 7:14 The seed of David will establish His throne forever. This is a covenant made to David. Three things were to be established: house (family), throne (authority/rulership), kingdom (source of blessing, because universal blessing) We are the house which He established Heb 3:6 Are you a believer or not? If you are, are you steadfast or not? The Church is the channel of blessing to Israel. We are given better things than they ever had. His case is of our responsibility with what we’ve been given. They didn’t have a fraction of the provisions of grace we’ve been given. The one thing we’re to do as a body is fulfill the great commission, and as an individual, to fulfill our spiritual gift. We will walk with Him and fulfill His plan for us, or leave this world in shame and judgment. He is the firstborn Psa 89:27, Psa 87:7 He is the firstborn in His humanity because He is the only born. He is unique to everything. As the firstborn, He is dedicated as holy to God. Exo 13:12 There were certain Gen 25:31, Gen 21:17 The rights of the firstborn: the priest of the family, rulership of the family, the heir of the family. Jesus is the rightful heir of God’s inheritance. Col 1:15 He is the firstborn of all creation because He is the Creator of all things. Col 1:18 firstborn from the dead Three reasons why Jesus has a right to dispense with the soul of every person: 1. He created that soul, He redeemed that soul, He died and conquered death, so He has the right to resurrection. 2. He took responsibility for us, He took our burdens and paid our debt, and set us free. He did it to manifest His love to us Rom 5:8 3. Heb 1:7 His right as Creator. He is superior because even though He is a man, He is the Creator psa 104:4 We are involved for a tremendous campaign. We are blessed for a purpose, so we must be zealous and on fire for Christ. Do you keep your fire going through your personal study of the Word? 2Ti 1:6-7 stir up, get the fire going again. The Word is the fuel to the Holy Spirit. You may not always have a pastor, and you will need to keep going and learning. Read the Word, rely on Him to teach you, read every day and apply it to your life. How in the world do you think you can escape if you neglect such great salvation? You can’t. Do not neglect what He’s given you.

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