Gene Cunningham - January 28, 2003

Hebrews 10

Hebrews 10

8 examples of the importance of fixing our eyes on Christ • Heb 2:8-9 paradox of history • Times when you can’t see a divine purpose in what’s going on, that’s when God is magnified when we give Him thanks. • We don’t see, but we do see Jesus. Heb 2:10 Jesus still had to be perfected. He was perfect but He had to be fitted for the task. He had to pass a test. “Not My will but Thy will be done.” Isa 53:1-12 • “Come down, if you’re the Son of God, then come down!” It was the ultimate temptation, because He could have easily done that. He chose to stay there. He could have easily come down. He had to be perfected. • How much more do we need to be perfected?! Jesus calls us to pick up our cross daily, people say, come down from that cross. • It’s a question of spiritual focus. The Hebrews were facing a danger, not keeping their eyes on Jesus. Seven examples 1. Heb 2:1-3 drifting away by neglecting our so great salvation, getting swept away in the current. All we need to see is Jesus 2. Heb 3:7-8, Heb 4:7 danger of hardening your heart. Areas of weaknesses and sin in your life and in others lives. Hardening your heart against His word is your downfall. We all have blind spots that we don’t see as well as we should. Satan will do whatever he has to to harden you toward the Word. He is very subtle. He simply puts in front of us what we want, and that is how he lures us away. 3. Heb 5:11 being dull of hearing. We ought to be teachers. He wants to tell them a lot about Jesus, but it’s difficult to explain because they are tired of hearing about Jesus Christ. 4. Heb 6:6 falling away from the grace of God. Jesus is the root and fountain of God’s grace. If we wander from Him we fall away from that grace. 5. Heb 10:25-26 forsaking the local assembly. It was a time of turmoil. As the persecution got more intense they wanted a way out. We must stand together, because we will need one another. 6. Heb 12:5-6 fainting under divine discipline. The believer under divine discipline is the special object of the love of God. It is an honor, because God is refining us for our benefit. He prunes the one that’s bearing fruit so it’ll bear more. “Father I make myself available to you and your purpose, whatever it takes.” He will do it. Do not lose heart, it’s a mark of His love 7. Heb 12:15 root of bitterness taking root in our soul. It’ll bear fruit that will poison our life. It only takes root when we lose sight of Jesus Christ. Before God we have no excuse. Heb 2:8-9 If we look at the now conditions we will lose sight of Jesus Christ. We can’t allow anything to keep our eyes from Him. 1Pe 1:3-9 It’s an epistle on suffering, and many different kinds, and we’ll probably go through most of them. God brings resurrection out of death. If you feel pressed down on, He is bringing resurrection for you, it is on the way. We are kept by God’s power, not our own. Whether your suffering is self induced, divine discipline still falls under this. It needs be. The purpose of the suffering is to make your faith pure. We need to pray for people, by name, who are with us, who are gone, that their faith may not fail. It’s the greatest danger and lose, and every believer is in danger of it. When you find yourself overwhelmed by the darkness you’re in and you can’t see Jesus, you definitely need to look at Him. Salvation from losing their faith and from taking their eyes off Christ and falling into the dangers in Hebrews. There is a divine remedy. Heb 3:1-2 Consider Jesus! Consider-to bear down with your whole mind in concentration. Over and over and over again. Think about Him. Pressing down Rom 1:17-18 Keep the main thing the main thing. Heb 8:1 He will never be anything less than totally for you, totally on your side. He is always for you, and He loves you, and He is refining you. Keep looking to Him as your High Priest and Mediator. Fix your eyes on Jesus Christ and run the race. If your eyes are fixed on Him, you can’t be doing anything but running the race. Eric Little won the race after being knocked off the track. Was he greater for his “weakness?” Joh 20:29 We have a greater faith than the apostles. We will consider the world to come. Psa 8:1-9 Is Jesus your focus? Are you absolutely absorbed, enthralled by Him? Einstein was looking at Jesus. Napoleon believed Jesus was either God or He was nothing. If you see your life exposed by the word and are fearful that you cannot stand before Him, fix your eyes on Jesus, He is not finished working on you. The fact that you desire it is a comfort. Ask God to forgive you for taking your eyes off of Him even if yours eyes were on yourself, and thank Him for His mercy in Jesus toward you.

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