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Hebrews 12

Hebrews 12

Heb 2:9-18 Seven great undertakings of Jesus as a man 2nd great undertaking -- His valiant leadership Heb 2:10 He is the God-Man. Captain of their salvation. Prince-leader. Fitting: to take appropriate action, includes his whole life. Heb 10:5 It’s the altar that sanctifies the gold, not the other way around. There was no sacrifice other than Himself that could satisfy God’s justice and wrath. Heb 10:4 Everything was made through Him and for Him. He came to lead us into His glory. He created us to share His glory with us. isa 43:7 psa 8:1-9 gen 1:26-27 He came to lead us into a far greater glory. His glory is an everlasting, divine glory. Bringing, leading many sons to glory. Only in sonship does He lead, we can only be led if we are a son/daughter. We are glorified by trusting Jesus Christ. Rom 8:29 rom 8:1 eph 1:6 To us, He is our Captain. Archegos: Prince-leader, a hero who had proven himself, founder of a school, chieftain of a tribe or clan, commander who blazed a trail to follow, he took a position he didn’t have to take, but he humbled himself for his people. By His suffering He identified with us, by our suffering by faith we are identified with Him. 2ti 2:11-13 He as the Captain is made perfect through sufferings. How could the God-Man be made perfect if He was perfect at birth. Heb 4:15 Tempted, yet without sin. How can we say He needed to be made perfect? It was the right thing for Him to do for our sake, it was fitting for Him. He took the appropriate action for our need teleies: perfection in practical terms, maturity, adequately equipped, prepared to fulfill their purpose Battle in Gethsemane was last test to prepare Jesus for the cross. isa 18:12-14 “I will’s” all the way through the passage, it’s the beginning of the rebellion, the conflict we are in now. Jesus was temped but overcame, “not My will by Your will be done” He arrived at the goal and purpose of His life, and was sufficient, and was made that way through His suffering. Made perfect: includes His whole life, isa 53:3 He was so compassionate and tolerant because He understood the ravages of sin, He knew the destruction it had on their soul. It was voluntary Phi 2:6-7 it was by divine design Heb 5:8 so He could be compassionate to us Heb 2:11 His cleansing work. We are not ashamed to call us brothers. God loves us, and He likes us, we are accepted in the Beloved. We should seek to live that righteousness out. We should not be ashamed by our brothers either. Jesus continues to sanctify us. He’s the one who does it. We don’t do it. He does it on the basis of His work on the cross. We receive it. By grace through faith. That continues for our whole spiritual life. col 2:6 Luk 7:36-50 If you don’t think you have that many sins to deal with, you won’t love Jesus very much. We need to realize our own spiritual poverty, and we have to cry out every day for His mercy. Sanctification: Heb 10:9-10 Once for all, cleansed, then separated, set apart unto God. Heb 10:14 On the foundation of the once for all cleansing, we are being sanctified joh 14:10 col 1:13 Things are dealt with as a family member for the purpose of restoring fellowship, not for condemnation. How long are you going to be growing? As long as you life. Everyday there will be more. We all have the responsibility to allow Him to do the work. We can refuse. 1Th 5:23 He and He alone can accomplish this. In every part, completely. Spirit, soul, body. God works from the inside out. Rom 12:2 renewing of your mind, it’s an ongoing process. The body part is at resurrection. He’s not ashamed to call us His brothers and sisters, why are we so ashamed of our brothers and sisters and Him? Heb 2:9-18 Sacrificial death Heb 2:9, prince leadership Heb 2:10, cleansing work Heb 2:11, great love for His family Heb 2:11-13 psa 22:22 He introduced that we can speak of God as Father. To the Jews at the time they didn’t think they could speak God’s name. isa 8:17 He lived by faith as we must. The quotes look at before, during, and after. One day, He will lead us to the Father. 5th great undertaking: His defeat of the devil Heb 2:15 Partake, we share everything in common. He shared in a limited way, without the sin nature. Power: ruling authority. When Adam died, he forfeited our authority to Satan 2Co 4:4 How did He destroy the devil’s power? He rose again, He proved He had power over the grave, He was resurrection. Death couldn’t hold Him, death can’t hold us. Absent from the body, present with the Lord. 2Co 5:8 They are waiting for us to come to them. Rom 6:6 6th great undertaking: liberates the captives Heb 2:15-16 To set us free from a contract col 2:14 He doesn’t give aid to angels, but to the seed of Abraham. We will be superior to angels and judge them at the judgment. Satan hates that. His rebellion was to the revealed will of God for us. The five things Satan says he will do, are things we are given in Christ. Five is the number of grace. To aid, to take hold of for the purpose of helping. 7th great undertaking: His merciful priesthood Heb 2:17 Jesus is a merciful and faithful High Priest. The grace of God begets mercy. Truth begets faithfulness. Propitiation is the satisfying of God’s righteous demands. He is merciful. Paul started using mercy and merciful more and more as he grew. Qualifications of a high priest, was to be a sinner. Heb 5:1-5 Too many people in the church now have the attitude of the Pharisee instead of the tax collector. If you are here, weary and beaten, look to Jesus. If you are unsaved and you fear His judgment, look to Jesus in faith. You can have Him right now. Jesus will never turn you away. If you have doubts and fears and burdens, lay them at His feet, knowing that He cares for you. He always greets us with open arms.

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