Gene Cunningham - January 28, 2003

Hebrews 09

Hebrews 09

Mat 14:22-31 Heb 2:5-10 Peter got in his own way. He stumbled and staggered, and he continually fell and got back up. His life is an encouragement and challenge to us. He doubted, but he had the strength of faith to step out of the boat. “I will never leave you, nor will I forsake you” We see Him as something else, and we are terrified. Then are we willing to put our faith on the line, and step out in faith, when God hasn’t played the part I thought He would play. Peter became an overcomer by faith. We can’t afford to take our eyes off Christ when we do step out of the boat. When Peter cries out in his helplessness, and Jesus immediately stretches out His hand, that is what glorifies God. His matchless grace and mercy is what glorifies Him most. He lays hold of us when we don’t even know how to lay hold of Him. Heb 2:5-10 In every condition of life, we must keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, He is the issue. When our eyes are on Him we will be able to stand. But we see Jesus Heb 2:9 Why is the focus of this book to focus our eyes on Jesus? 64 AD insurrection broke out from the Jews against the Romans. It continued to spread until Titus the Roman came in 70 AD and attacked Jerusalem, and not one stone was left standing on another. Israel ceased to exist at that point. 1.5 million Jews were killed in the destruction of Jerusalem, and millions were sold into slavery throughout the world. They were only three years away from a holocaust. We have economic problems. We are hardened to the events of the world around us, that we aren’t aware of what’s happening. 1co 7:26 Fix our eyes on Jesus Three outstanding truths: 1. God created man for a purpose Heb 2:6 isa 43:7 psa 8:5 Not just that we would give Him glory, but that He could share His glory with us. 2. Although interrupted by the fall, this purpose will yet be realized gen 3:15 it’s impossible to stop any of God’s purposes. Heb 2:5 He is talking about the Reign of Christ, about that kingdom that is to come. 3. Our entrance into this realization can only come about by looking to Christ in faith 4. Paradox of human history. The cross of Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to realize this. But the paradox is “but now” now in your life today, we see the chaos, we don’t see these things, we see the wind and the rain, but we do see Jesus Heb 2:8-9 “but right now I do not see, but I do see Jesus” He’s all we need to see. To see in the first phrase means the panoramic view, the horizon, the whole picture. Do See means a glance, you can look at everything in the world, but take one look at Jesus and things fall into perspective. His purpose for us may be obscured by sin, confusion, suffering, but there is only one solution. Sin wounds people, we need to be conscience of that. The only solution is to keep glancing to Him, keep trusting Him, and He will have you right where He wants you to be 1co 13:12 2co 4:7-11 History of the faith • Adam Gen 3:15-21 He lost paradise, he lost perfection and a perfect relationship with God. • Abraham Gen 22:1-19 Waiting for a son that the divine promise would be fulfilled, and then told to sacrifice him. He probably didn’t see, but looked to Jesus. John 8:56 • Job job 19:25-26 He knew he would see God in his flesh, even though he would die. • Moses exo 33:13-18 heb 11:27 Moses endured as seeing Him who is invisible • Joshua Jos 5:13-14 Preparing to take the promised land, Joshua and Caleb, they endured and they wanted to go. He looks up and sees a man with sword drawn, he saw Jesus. • Jehoshaphat 2ch 20:12 They didn’t know what to do, but they look to God There is one thing God’s going to honor, are we looking to Jesus? Fiery furnace Dan 3:13-30 When they were thrown in the fire, Jesus was there. What can the fire burn? Only that which can be burned, only the ropes that kept them in bondage. Peter Mat 14:22-31 He didn’t see, and didn’t look to Jesus, and he failed. Martha Luk 10:40-41 She was distracted from single minded focus on Jesus Christ Heb 3:1 We are rewarded for looking to Him.

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