Gene Cunningham - August 26, 2010

Habakkuk #1

Habakkuk #1

Notes for this lesson are . Key verse is Hab 2:4 (Rom 1:16-17, Gal 3:11, Heb 10:37-39). Caldeans were the most brutal, godless, and war-like nation. God explains to Habakkuk that he does not understand providence (Hab 1:1-11). Paul wrote in similar circumstances (Act 13:32-40) and references Hab 1:5.

  1. Authors of scripture wrote under inspiration of the Holy Spirit (2Ti 3:16, 2Pe1:21).

  2. Old Testament prophets searched their own writings knowing they pointed to the Lord Jesus Christ (1Pe 1:1-12).

  3. Apostles were guided to interpret the Old Testament in light of Jesus Christ (Joh 1:9, Heb 1:2, Joh 14:26, Joh 16:13).

  4. Believer in present generation is instructed in the Word of God and intimate with Jesus Christ can interpret events of today in the light of scripture.

 When Paul brings Habakkuk forward in time. You don't see God's work unless you participate. The whole gospel was played out for Abraham. Once he got it, he rejoiced for the rest of his life.

Habakkuk asks God about the Caldeans, "How is it that You look upon evil?" (Hab 1:13). God says He is answering (Hab 1:12-17). Israel is being destroyed because they've forsaken God. When you worship an idol, God destroys the idol. Habakkuk apeals to the essence of God (Hab 1:12). 

Conference notes for this series can be found [HERE

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From Series: "Habukkuk - The Just Shall Live by Faith - Glendale AZ 2010"

This series was started at Westside Bible Church in Glendale AZ and completed at the California Conference 2010. The handout notes for the series areavailable.

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