Gene Cunningham - September 15, 2003

Daniel #13

Daniel #13

Times of the gentiles last from 606 BC until the 2nd Advent of Jesus Christ. 2nd half of Daniel is prophetic in nature. Daniel is accused regarding his daily prayers, and thrown in the lion's den (Dan 6:11-17). The Jews captivity has been on-going for 70 years at this point. The accusers slight Daniel by making issue of his race and captivity. God protects His people (Gen 12:1-3), however. Flattery today brings grief tomorrow. Darius' arrogance made him weak and he realized that (Dan 6:14-15). God brings us through trials (1Co 10:13). He provides promises for us to rest in (Phi 4:6-7, Psa 4:8, Heb 13:5-6). After the king concedes and throws Daniel into the lion's den, he fasts - a sign of humility. Nor does he sleep (Dan 6:16-19). Daniel is delivered (Dan 6:19-23). The issue in persecution, is God's option as to the means of deliverance -- death or change of circumstances. Bible doctrine in the soul will guard the soul (Col 3:15). If you are going to have rapport with Jesus Christ you'll suffer (1Pe 1:7-8, Job. 42:5). Amen means to lean on God as a crutch. Daniel in the lion's den illustrates Christ's death and resurrection. Daniel was delivered to death (Mat 27:26) after he was declared innocent (Mat 27:23-24). A stone and seal was put over the den (Mat 27:63-66). Daniel was miraculously delivered (Act 2:24). The decree was in effect for thirty days, but Daniel was no longer bound by the decree (Rom 6:9-10, Joh 11:26, Rev 14:13). Darius becomes a believer (Dan 6:25-28).

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