Gene Cunningham - June 7, 2010

Courage for Conflict - Endurance & Reward - class for adults

2nd Timothy Chapter 2 theme is "getting a mindset". Mindset is a focal point (Rom 8:5-8, Col 3:1-3). The ultimate goal is becoming an overcomer.  Endurance means we'll stand under the pressure (2Ti 2:3, 2Ti 2:10, 2Ti 2:12). We can have peace through difficulty (Rom 5:1-5).

How do you endure?

  1. Be strengthened in Grace (2Ti 2:1);

  2. Keep eyes on Christ (2Ti 2:8);

  3. Remember you are enduring for the sake of others (2Ti 2:10);

  4. Study the word of God (2Ti 2:15).

  5. Stay pure (2Ti 2:21).

  6. Endurance will be worth it at the Bema Seat of Christ (2Ti 2:11-13).

Paul mentions 4 doctrines (2Ti 2:11-13):

  1. regeneration or new birth (2Ti 2:11);

  2. eternal rewards (2Ti 2:12);

  3. loss of eternal reward (2Ti 2:13);

  4. eternal security (2 Ti 2:12).

Crown of life is rewarded for endurance (Jam 1:12, 2Ti 2:12). "If we deny him [endurance], He will also deny us [reward]" (2Ti 2:12). We all have a base inheritance (1Pe 1:4-5). How much do we want to increase our inheritance? The foundation is faith, and the issue becomes eternal reward (1Co 3:11-15). Inheritance applies to those with eternal life (1Co 6:8-10, Gal 5:18-21, Eph 5:2-5, Col 3:23-24). Every child of God will inherit something, but there's also a reward above the basic level. We've already entered the Kingdom of God, but there are other benefits such as righteousness, peace and joy and power (Rom 14:17, 1Co 4:20). Life of obedience enjoys inheritance now. Mature sons are led by the Spirit of God (Rom 8:14-17); we were placed into the family as matures sons so we could immediately begin to draw on the resources of God. If we endure with Him we'll reign with Him. If we are born into the family we are heirs (1Pe 1:4-5), but "joint-heirs" if we suffer with Him (Rom 8:17, Phi 1:29). When you act in disobedience we lose potential position in reigning. The loss of a day by failing to endure has impact in eternity. The greatest reward in eternity are given to people who finish the race.

Scripture References: Colossians 3:1-3, Romans 14:17, Romans 8:5-8, Colossians 3:23-24, Ephesians 5:2-5, Galatians 5:18-21, Philippians 1:29, James 1:12, Romans 8:17, Romans 5:1-5, Romans 8:14-17

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Given at Arkansas Youth Camp 2010

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