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Living Faith, Lasting Fulfillment

Colossians - Living Faith Lasting Fulfillment - Uniontown PA - 2008

Col 2:9-10 In Christ's physical body the Deity of God permanently resides. We have been "filled full" in Him. Jesus' first recorded miracle illustrates being filled (Joh 2:1-11). On the sixth day (the third day after he arrived at Cana), was a wedding (like the sixth day of creation when Adam was given Eve). Jesus tells the servants to fill the pots full. The common water was transformed into extraordinary wine by nothing more than His command. What did it take? Three things needed for transformation: (1) The vessels had to be empty and clean. (2) The vessels had to be filled at His command. (3) They had to be poured out. We'll never appreciate what God has provided to and for us until we start pouring it out. Colossians has this pattern; cleansing, filling and pouring out. Interpreting properly includes (1) treating the Bible as literal, (2) understanding historical context, (3) treating the grammar properly, (4) determining the context, and (5) emphasizing the practical nature of it.

Scripture References: John 2:1-11, Colossians 2:9-10

From Series: "Colossians - Living Faith Lasting Fulfillment - Uniontown PA - 2008"

Bible Conference given in Oct. 2008 in Uniontown PA

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