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Gene Cunningham - April 19, 2023

Delivered from Wrath

Without Jesus Christ, you are in grave peril! For the unbeliever,it's not just that, it's death and hell and the lake of fire forever and ever. "It's appointed unto man," the author of Hebrews says, "to die once, but after this comes the judgment." And I love what Paul tells us in Romans 5:9, he says, "Therefore, having been justified by His blood, we are delivered from the wrath of God through the blood of Christ." What do we deserve? We deserve the wrath of God. What do we have instead? We have life through Christ. We have joy and peace. Why? Because Christ bore the wrath in our place. When we look at the cross, we talk about the application of the blood, and it's a wonderful concept. But we need to go deeper. And we need to realize that when the Bible talks about "the blood of Christ" it is simply a phrase used to encompass all that He went through on the cross. On the cross, the Scripture tells us that He paid the penalty for the sins of every member of the human race. Paul tells us in Philippians Chapter two that, "He went to the cross, despising the shame." Because all of us know that when sin is exposed, it always brings shame. Christ not only bore the penalty, He bore the shame of every sin of every member of the human race in those three dark hours that He hung on the cross. And we will never know fully what that meant.

From Series: "Gospel Shorts"

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