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Redeeming the Time: A Story Behind the Prescott Fire Tragedy

To all who are praying,
The fire tragedy in Prescott and Yarnell, Arizona has left many widows and orphans, as well as a community that is grieving. Please pray for all affected: those who have lost loved ones, and those who have lost homes and businesses.
One who has been affected is my good friend, Andy Bacon, and his wife Shelly and family. Andy runs the general store in Yarnell. Though the store itself was not burned, the loss of about one-third of the population due to lost homes will likely make the business a losing proposition. I might mention that Andy is the brother of the late Nick Bacon, Medal of Honor recipient and former Chairman of Basic Training Bible Ministries. Please pray for Andy and the many who have lost homes, businesses, and—especially—for those who have lost loved ones.
One such couple lost their son, who was a member of the Granite Mountain Hotshots. Their message reminds us that God’s mercy is always working before and through the tragedies of life. We pray that God will comfort those who are hurting, and that the love of Christ will be known and received by many.
The following letter is from Steve and Celeste Deford, who are missionaries with IFCA in Montana:
Dear praying friends,

Many of you may already be aware that the entire Granite Hotshot crew (of 19 souls) perished in a fire near Prescott, AZ about 6:00 PM Sunday evening. Our son Dustin was a member of that crew. Our hearts are filled with sorrow, but not without hope. About a week ago Dustin had a rather unusual opportunity to share the gospel with most of the crew for about two hours during some down time. We believe that Dustin was there for this time. In Eternity we will get to meet any who may have called on the name of the Lord in those last moments.

Thank you for your prayers,
Steve DeFord and family
Praying for the grieving,
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