On our recent trip to Cuba, we held two conferences in local churches and had the opportunity to meet individually with four different pastors working in rural areas outside of Havana.  They work in very poor conditions with multiple challenges, but God is faithful! We intend to continue visiting Cuba and maintain a working relationship with these contacts, to teach, support and encourage.  Thank you for your prayers for these pastors, their families, and congregations.

Pastor Mar and X-
They have worked in the same rural area for many years.  When Gene asked them if they intended to continue to work in the area the pastor touched his heart and said, “I could not leave these people unless God specifically told me to.”  The nearby town is heavily infiltrated with witchcraft and this cult has been trying to shut them down for years.  The church is small and meets in a very poor “building” with dirt floors and open sides.  We were able to leave money with them to start building a simple, but new church building which they were very thankful for.  Please pray for the construction of the new building, for protection against the witchcraft cult, for the outreach of the gospel and the sound teaching of God’s Word. 

Pastor N and June
They have a story of God restoring their broken marriage and family and putting them into full time ministry.  She is a medical doctor but has left her practice to help in the ministry. They ask for prayer for the salvation of souls and for their counseling ministry.  Also pray for their three children, Naomi, Samuel and Ezekiel. 

Pastor H and Ari-
This couple are very broken, and very confused.  He has lost his church do to sin in his life.  They are asking for prayer to restore their marriage and ministry through repentance and healing.  Please also pray for a better focus on God’s Word. 

Pastor Al and Oli
They are church planters and have established many churches throughout Cuba.  He said, “We go to the worst places and don’t care about the living conditions.” They spend 2-3 years in each area, presenting the gospel, teaching the people, and planting a church.  When a church is established and there is a pastor to lead the congregation they move on to a new area.  Al and his wife are now working in a very poor area on the outskirts of Havana to establish a church.  They have a small group that meets in a shed or under a tree.  We were able to leave them money to purchase a small plot of land with the prayer that God would provide the funds for a simple building.  Please pray for this outreach ministry. 

Pastor Del and Lee-
Del and Lee are our main contacts in Cuba.  We were able to spend some time with them to clarify doctrinal misunderstandings.  We also helped them start a food ministry to the poor community they minister in.  Please pray that God would guide and direct them in the ministry, for provision, protection and for their growth in the Lord.  Pray for their daughter Lis.

“The effective prayers of a righteous man can accomplish much.”  James 5:16B

We will be leaving in a few weeks for Asia- traveling first up into the northern mountainous regions to teach at the Bible College.  Gene will be instructing the students in pastoral ministry and Nan will do Sunday School Teacher’s Training.  Daniel, our son in law from Australia, will be with us on the northern part of the journey to be the guest speaker at the Bible College graduation.  We will then head south to a region where we have worked a lot in the past.  Friends from our local church in Prescott, Michael, Marilyn and Sharon will meet us for this part of the journey.  Gene and Michael will spend a week with the Bible College students going through the prison epistles while Nan and the ladies do Sunday School Teachers’ Training and visit villages for children’s ministry.

We appreciate your prayers and support in more ways than we can even say. 

Gene, Nan and the BTBM team!