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Time to Endure - Uniontown, PA 2010 8 lessons in series
Everyone has need of endurance (Jam 5:11). This series was taught at Abundant Life Church in Uniontown, PA in October 2010. Gene presented the following: (1) The "call" to endure; (2) Endurance Defined; (3) The Source and Supply; (4) The School of Endurance; (5) The Blessed Fruit of Endurance; (6) The Reward of Endurance; (7) Timeless Testimony of Endurance.
Sound the Battle Cry - Kansas 2010 4 lessons in series
"Sound the Battle Cry" Isaiah says "So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.” ISA 59:19
Ride with the Wind - A Study of the Holy Spirit - Texas 2010 10 lessons in series
The class titles for the Texas 2010 conference are as follows. 1. Oct 1, Prototype of the Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ Himself. Luke 3, 4 2. Oct 1, The Spirit as Wind- regeneration. John 3 3. Oct 2, The Spirit as Wind- regeneration, contd. John 3 4. Oct 2, The Spirit as Water- cleansing and refreshing. John 13 5. Oct 2, The Spirit as Fire- Illumination. John 14:15-21 Eph 1:15-18 6. Oct 2, The Spirit as Oil- fruit bearing. John 15 7. Oct 3, The Spirit as Dove- teacher and encourager. John 15, 26,27 Mat 10 John 16:7-14 2Co 5
Footsteps of Paul Trip 2010 11 lessons in series

Habukkuk - The Just Shall Live by Faith - Glendale, AZ 2010 7 lessons in series
This series was started at Westside Bible Church in Glendale, AZ and completed at the California Conference 2010. The handout notes for the series are HERE.
Arkansas Youth Camp 2010 - Courage in Conflict 8 lessons in series
Given at Arkansas Youth Camp 2010
Courage In Conflict - Kalispell, Montana 2010 10 lessons in series
Given in Montana 2010.
Ephesians - Positions of Privilege in the Household of Faith - Colorado 2010 9 lessons in series
Ephesians is a “Prison Epistle,” along with Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon (see Eph 3:1, Eph 4:1, and Eph 6:20). Written by Paul from Rome, the epistle expands on themes in Colossians, much as Romans does to Galatians. Whereas Colossians develops the all-sufficiency of Christ to the Church, Ephesians shows the blessings of that “fullness” enjoyed by the members of God’s family. The idea of unity resulting from reconciliation runs strong through the book (Eph 1:9–10; Eph 2:16–18; Eph 3:4–6; Eph 4:3–6; Eph 5:30–32; Eph 6:18–20). It is possible that the epistle was actually a circular letter to the churches of Asia. Paul’s goal is to inform the saints of their privileged status and exhort them to live in a way worthy of their standing. Taught in Colorado 2010. Lesson 8 was inadvertently not recorded.
Biblical Chivalry - Phoenix, AZ 2010 8 lessons in series
This series was taught at the Arizona Bible Conference hosted by Cross Word Fellowship in April 2010. The sound quality reflects the small recording device used. Video of the conference sessions can be found at
Heirs of the Kingdom - Northern VA 2010 8 lessons in series
"Heirs of the Kingdom" have privilege, responsibility, and accountability (Mar 13:33–37). "Heirs" is a term that deals with discipleship, not justification or salvation. As we shall see, every child of God is an heir. The questions before us are: How much will I inherit, and will it really matter that much? Every member of the Royal Family has a share in the Royal Inheritance. Again, the question of our study is, “how much?” Peter stresses in three words that our inheritance cannot—in any way—be defiled or diminished by our failure or conduct in this life. Paul speaks as sons “being led” by the Spirit as “adult sons” (huioi), and shows a distinction between heirs and “joint heirs with Christ.” One is unconditional, based on sonship; the other is conditional based on conduct.
Beauty For Ashes - Florida 2010 8 lessons in series
Have you ever stood in great need of comfort and encouragement? If so, you know that in time of affliction, there is no thought or word that has deeper meaning, nor any possession of greater value, than that of effective and genuine comfort. The objective of this study is to equip us to have the assurance that there is comfort available, and to know how to be comforted, as well as how to be a comfort to others in the fires of affliction.
The Power of Praise - Perth, Australia 2010 7 lessons in series
The Perth, Australia Conference in January 2010 taught "The Power of Praise."
Galatians - The Truth and Power of the Gospel - Hot Spring, AR - 2009 7 lessons in series
This series was given at Grace Bible Church of Hot Springs, Arkansas in November 2009.
Titus - The Transforming Power of Grace - Uniontown, PA 2009 9 lessons in series
This series was given in October 2009 in Uniontown, PA.
Romans 8 - Sanctification - Tecumseh, Kansas 2009 5 lessons in series
This series of lessons were given at the annual Kansas Conference at Eagle Point Grace Bible Church in Tecumseh, Kansas in October 2009. The notes distributed for Romans Chapter 8 are available on-line HERE
Be Transformed - PA Youth Camp 2009 8 lessons in series
Originally given at the PA Youth Camp in July of 2009, the theme was taken from Rom 12:1-2.
Redeeming the Time - Arkansas Youth Camp - 2009 9 lessons in series
This series was originally given at the Arkansas Camp in June 2009. The theme of the camp was "Redeeming the Time," covering Eph 5:16-21 and related time-related passages.
1st Peter - Fellowship of Fire - Denver, Colorado - 2009 8 lessons in series
These lessons were taught at the first annual Rocky Mountain Bible Conference in Spring 2009. First and Second Peter are grouped in what are called the General Epistles, written to the church at large. The theme of First Peter is the refining and growth potential in our sufferings, 1Pe 1:3, 1Pe 1:6; 1Pe 2:2. This epistle was written to believers scattered by persecution throughout Asia Minor (1 Pe 1:1). The date was circa 64-65A.D., the beginning of Nero’s persecutions. First Peter is the best known and loved of these epistles, called by E.J. Goodspeed, “One of the most moving pieces of persecution literature.” This epistle is written to suffering believers, and is styled by Isaac Walton as, “affectionate, loving, lowly, and humble”. This epistle conveys an intense expectation of the Lord’s return, as seen in 1Pe 1:5,1Pe 1:7,1Pe 1:13; 1Pe 2:12; 1Pe 4:13,17; 1Pe 5:1,4.
2nd Peter - Precious Promises, Perilous Times - Northern VA - 2009 8 lessons in series
These lessons were given at the Northern Virginia conference in the Spring of 2009. The theme of 2nd Peter is the great need for personal spiritual growth in a time when false teachers and teachings were infiltrating the early church (2Pe 1:5 with 2Pe 3:18). Key words/phrases relevant to spiritual growth are “grace and peace,” which can be “multiplied” as we grow in the “knowledge” of our Lord, and exercise due “diligence” in the practice of spiritual “love.” As a method of instruction, Peter emphasizes the necessity of reminder and repetition (2Pe 1:12-13, 2Pe 1:15; 2Pe 3:1-2).
Daniel - Living by Faith under a Hostile Government - Florida 2009 9 lessons in series
This series was given at Lighthouse Point Florida in February 2009.
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178 Series
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