Urgent Call to Prayer and Action

To all fellow believers,

We are watching dangerous events developing around the world, while our political elites golf, fund-raise, and attend lavish dinners.
Our so-called leaders will not lift a finger to support people in Ukraine against Russian invasion. Israel is fighting for her very existence, and yet the terrorists receive overwhelming support across Europe and around the world. How tragic that this once-great country lends more support to the barbaric terrorist of Hamas than our staunch ally, Israel.
Having given nothing but token support to Israel, America today stopped all flights into Tel Aviv, due to a near-missile strike. These strikes continue precisely because we withhold strong support in both words and deeds for Israel, and all our spineless politicians can do is hurt Israel.
However, reports coming out of Israel declare that the mood in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) is unlike that during other wars, having a triumphant biblical aura. Watch this accompanying video:
Persecution of Christians is increasing daily in all Muslim countries—especially in Iraq and across northern Africa, where men are tortured, women are kidnapped, raped, and killed, along with their children.
The Iraqi city of Mosul once had a vibrant Christian population, which had existed from the first century. Today almost all the Christians have fled—some living precariously exposed both to the terrorists of ISIS, as well as the elements.
Let us not forget the orchestrated invasion of our southern border. The effect of this wave of not only children (as we are told), but of vicious gang members, as well as terrorists, will soon be felt across this land.
The purpose of this letter is to call each of you, and those you can send this along to, not only to effective prayer in the Spirit, but to take what action you can. If our leaders do nothing, we must step up to the plate, and do all we can.
You can support efforts to rescue Christians in these countries by contacting any one of several organizations. I encourage you especially to check out Walid Shoebat’s organization at www.Shoebat.com or www.RescueChristians.org. Also, Jay Sekulow and his organization offer rescue as well as legal aid; see www.ACLJ.org. You can also contribute through Voice of the Martyrs at www.persecution.com.
We are commanded to enter into the sufferings of our brothers and sisters in Christ—to share their sufferings. I urge each of you to pray, but also to give. Your gifts can mean the rescue of one Christian or Christian family from horrible abuse and death.
Also, it is imperative that we pray for Israel—currently the only nation on this planet that stands unapologetically for Western Civilization, and against all terrorists.
If we can stand idly by while so many are suffering so greatly, then we display a hardness of heart toward the Lord Jesus Christ that can only be identified as Laodicean. Furthermore, while we think “it can’t happen here,” our apathy will ensure that we will be next.
Let’s be valiant and join the fight!
Stand Firm (1Co 16:13–14),