To all our faithful subscribers and fellow soldiers,

I highly recommend that each of you go to see the Jim Caviezel movie, “The Sound of Freedom”. As many of you know, I have tried to alert believers to pray for the exposure of the child trafficking crisis for many years. Exposure is the beginning of the end for those in high positions in this country who support and participate in child sex trafficking. People often have asked, “We want to see it end, but what can we do?” As always, prayer is the first and crucial step. But by simply attending this movie you are supporting a growing wave of exposure, that, with enough support, could turn into a tsunami that would finally overwhelm all attempts to cover up the reality. I might add that, as difficult as it is to watch some of the scenes, they do not even scratch the surface of what is really going on. It is said that evil prevails because good men do nothing. Don’t stand by idle while millions of children are being abducted and sold into the worst kind of slavery. Go see the movie, take friends along, and if you are motivated, take advantage of the “pass it forward” plan and buy tickets for others. One day the dam will break on this demonic evil, and you will know that, along with daily prayers for the liberation of these precious children, you played your part.