Greetings to all!  

Wow!  This is my ninth year of doing Children’s Bible Schools in India and each year I am amazed all over again!  God’s faithfulness and grace is renewed each year, the children return each year hungry for more and happy with the teaching they receive, and each year the team of ladies that accompany me overwhelm me with their heart of service to Jesus Christ!

 It just keeps getting better and better!

Each day we all as a team recognize the wonderful teamwork of the body of Christ that brings this ministry to fulfillment.  And so from a hot, stuffy, dirty little internet cubicle in India we write a short note to thank you for praying and asking you to continue! 

We finished the first CBS on Saturday with a total of 1400 children.  This week we are at a smaller branch church with about 600 children.  They are all just so precious, not only to us but especially to our Heavenly Father who sees their hungry needy souls and sends the message of His love. 

The work continues until Monday, May 11th so please keep praying.  We need it and count on it! 

With love from,

Nan, (center)

Kim, Jackie, Elizabeth and Janet!