Dear Friends,

We have just finished a wonderful time in India.  The conference there was 3 days long with about 100 pastors and 50 wives.  Gene taught through the book of Revelation and the people were so encouraged.  On the last afternoon we had a special Christmas celebration with cake and songs, then distribution of gifts.  We were so happy to share your offerings with the people by giving the men each a set of new clothes and a new sari for the women. Wish you could have seen the smiles!

We are in the next country now and our meetings start tomorrow.  We will have four days with 22 leaders from various parts of the country. This time Gene will be teaching through the book of Titus and Nan will have some classes with the ladies.   Please remember us all before the Father and ask for His wisdom, protection and blessing on our time together.
We are always mindful of the fact that you are all here with us through your prayers and support.  Thank you so much!
Pressing on!
Gene and Nan