Greetings to all,
Thanks for your prayers, we have returned home safe and sound. The journey was under the evident guardianship of the Lord from start to finish. We just walked in the door about an hour ago. Sometimes the most miraculous thing in a mission trip is that nothing unusual or harmful happens. This in light of teaching over 20 students just two blocks from the local police station, which looked down on our only means of access. Some of the students had trekked mountain trails for 7 to 10 days to join us, at great risk. We walked through the book of Galatians, and the students were excited to see the theme develope through the epistle. When we were done they could recite the theme, theme verses, key verse to the book, three major sections, and a summary. This was all a preview to what I will teach at the Southern California conference in two weeks.
Meanwhile, Nan was able to teach the women several sessions on women of faith and how each of them could be such women in their world today. We travelled some rugged roads, saw remote mountain villages, and watched the grace of God at work in countless ways. We thank each of you for lifting us up in prayer. Right now we are trail-weary and need some rest. We ask that you continue to pray for those who received the word, that it will transform their lives and add power to their ministries. We will write more at a later time; for now we are thankful to be home. Prayer always works — never doubt it for a moment!!!
Race run and resting,
Gene and Nan