Romans Chapter 8 states that because of the finished work of Christ, the believer is free from all condemnation (Rom 8:1–11). It then says that by means of the continuing work of the Spirit, the believer is free from the dominion of sin (Rom 8:12–27). It concludes that on the basis of God’s sovereign and eternal plan, the believer is free as a result of the defeat of sin (Rom 8:28–39). This book was originally a set of notes given out at the October 2009 Kansas Conference.

Gene Cunningham - October 8, 2009

Sanctification 4

Romans 8  - Sanctification - Tecumseh Kansas 2009

Faith is obedient (Rom 1:5). The gospel of Christ is good news about Him, a person (Rom 1:16). Communion produces conformity — we become more like Christ when we spend time with Him. Faith is the ultimate simplicity; we cannot do anything (Rom 1:17). The mystery is "Christ in us, the hope of glory" — we are indwelt by the person of Jesus Christ (Col 1:26-27). We received the Lord by faith (Col 2:6). Four different words for freedom (): (1) "done away with" — the power of the old sin nature has been broken (Rom 6:6). (2) We've been delivered from the law (Rom 7:6); (3) we've been "freed from sin" — we've been justified and declared righteous, forgiven of sin (Rom 6:7). "Who will save me from this body of sin and death"  (Rom 7:24) — we need to be delivered from trying to do things under our own power, but lean on the Spirit. (4) We are "set free from the Law of Sin and Death" — We are free to live the Christian life by resting on the Spirit who produces it — Christ in us (Rom 8:2, Rom 8:21). We need the determination to live free. Our rights comes from our creator. Our body is dead, but we are alive. As we go from "faith to faith" (Rom 1:17) and "strength to strength" (Psa 84:7), we are transformed from "glory to glory" (2Co 3:18).

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This series of lessons were given at the annual Kansas Conference at Eagle Point Grace Bible Church in Tecumseh Kansas in October 2009. The notes distributed for Romans Chapter 8 are available

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