Recent Conference News—Fall 2010
We just returned from the two recent conferences in Texas and Kansas.  Upon our return, we had just a few days to attempt a move to our new location (more on this marvelous grace provision in a future post).  In spite of our extremely hectic schedule, as all who have moved well know, we just wanted to let everyone know the great time we had with the believers in these locations.
Much thanks goes to Pastor Ken Barington of the Cross and Spurs Cowboy Church of Buchanan Dam, Texas.  We appreciate his ministry and are so thankful for his encouragement and support. The entire congregation of this amazing church welcomed and encouraged us in many ways.  Our friends Clint and Ella Pemberton, along with many others, worked very hard preparing to host visitors from not only around the State of Texas, but also California, Colorado, and Arkansas.  The weekend was spent in study of the present ministries of the Spirit of God in our lives.  We continue to pray that all were edified and will continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ from the Word presented.
We drove from Arizona to Texas, then on to Kansas for the conference with Eagle Point Grace Bible Church, with friends and fellow warriors Bob and Ann Norris and their faithful group.  At this conference, messages were presented on the topic “Sound the Battle Cry,” by Pastors Bob Norris (KS), Doug Wray (MT), Terry Robinson (KS), Lynn Cunningham (AR), and me.  The final session was especially edifying for Nan and me, as Bob brought all our focus back to the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was a good finish and a challenging sendoff.
On our way back to Arizona, we stopped in Wichita, Kansas to look up Pastor Sammy (Sanford) Hartzler and his wife Ava. The Hartzlers were instrumental in leading me to Christ and providing me with a solid foundation of Bible teaching.  I had not seen them for over 30 years, and Nan had never met them.  We shared a wonderful hour together, catching up on each other’s lives and activities. I must say, Sammy has not changed in spirit.  At one point, I made the statement, “The Lord has been very gracious to me in my ministry,” to which Sammy instantly interjected, “You mean, the Lord’s ministry.”  He is truly one of the most Christ-centered men I have ever known.  What a joy and privilege to see them again!  Sammy will soon turn 81 years old and is still consistently teaching God’s Word.  I have always valued the start he gave me in the Word and count it an incredible blessing to finally catch up with him and Ava after so many years.  Please remember them in your prayers, for though they are bright and healthy, time wages an incessant war on this frame of ours, and I hope to see them continue in strength and health.
Early this morning we left our home, which is in shambles, for the Uniontown, Pennsylvania conference.  Remember us in prayer as we meet with the wonderful group at Abundant Life Church under Pastor Nick Cook.  Our theme, “A Time to Endure,” is fitting and timely.  Pray for the blessing of the Spirit of God on our time in the Word of God.  Pray for strength and that supernatural energy the Spirit of God alone can give—Nan and I are both in need of this at the end of a long, exciting year.  May God shed His blessings on all who love the Lord and live by His Word.
Under His wings,
Gene and Nan