Greetings, Fellow-Soldiers in Christ!
We want to thank all who joined us in prayer for Faisal. Our latest word is that he has experienced nothing less than miraculous recovery. He is forging ahead with the work that was planned for this mission. We are thankful to God that He hears and answers our prayers (1Jo 5:14–15).
However, we also have been informed that during his illness, Faisal’s family was contacted by a well-known man, deeply involved in witchcraft and the demonic arts, who said he was working with the spirit-world to hinder the work and insure that Faisal would not return to the United States.
This very well could be a veiled threat of intended spiritual or physical violence. We, therefore, ask that you continue in your prayers that God would surround His servant with the angelic “wall of fire” (2Ki 6:16–17) for the duration and fulfillment of this vital work.
The Bible makes it clear that when we pray in the Spirit, we engage spiritual armies in the work of God among men (Dan 9:20–23). Our lives are not insignificant—we have been invested with mighty powers for the accomplishment of God’s kingdom works on this earth. Let us not grow weary nor become slack in the fight, but rather let each of us “hold the line” in our AO (Area of Operation).
I encourage each of you to check out our new series, “The Simplicity Series,” with the first installment to be released shortly. In this series, we will be reminded of a fundamental principle of spiritual warfare, as stated by the 16th century Samurai, “Advanced techniques are the basics mastered.” May God rouse us to intensified and resolute efforts in our spiritual arena. The crux of the battle is at hand. The time is short!
On the right hand and on the left (2Co 6:7),