Greetings in the matchless grace of God,

To all our friends, supporters, and fellow-soldiers.

Just this afternoon I received a call from my long-time friend Nick Bacon. Many of you have heard of Nick and know that he is a Congressional Medal of Honor winner for his actions at the battle of Tam Ky, Viet Nam. Nick has been a member of the board of Basic Training Bible Ministries from its inception, and my close friend and fellow-soldier.

Nick informed me that he has been diagnosed with throat cancer, of a type that is very aggressive. He will begin treatments (chemo, radiation, etc.) on Monday, 1 June. I asssured Nick that we would blow the "prayer-trumpet" in behalf of him and his family. Nick is quite at peace, knowing the God Who has delivered him so many times. However, as is natural, he has concerns for his wife, Tammy, and family. We ask that you join with us in lifting the Bacon family up before the throne of grace. We know the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit will be with them, and we can join in surrounding them with our prayer support. Thank you.

Under His wings,