Prayer Points from PNG Mission

We would love to have you join us in prayer for some of the needs we came across on our recent mission in PNG.

Again, I urge you to pray for Taylor and his work and ministry. It was reported to me through the chaplains that Brig. Gen. Gilbert Toropu, Commander of the Defense Force, has stated that the top priority of the PNG Defense Force must be God and His Word!

We hope to be working on some projects with these fine “Soldiers of Christ,” and will inform you of our progress as time goes on. One of their chief requests was for Study Bibles for the chaplains and officers.

We also met with Sergios Javaro, a member of the Elite Mobile Police Squad, who asked that we come and speak to the Police Barracks in Port Moresby. His wife asked for Sunday school materials and training, which Nan will be looking into.

Another project is a literacy program for village children, which will require some teaching materials, as well as a need for tutors for the teachers so that the children can get a head start in reading and literacy, as many of them are too poor to attend school. We will be sending further information in the future for the special needs of this program, including sponsorship of poor village students.

We want, as always, to thank each of you who pray and give to make our work possible. Without you, we cannot do what we do. You all stand behind us and with us, in every village, down every trail, from mountain to sea, in reaching men and women, boys and girls for Christ.

Please also remember Faisal John in your prayers as he continues to serve in the troubled nation of Pakistan, where the spiritual needs are great and the dangers are many.

Be faithful, and be bold!

Gene and Nan