Dear Friends and Family,
Just want to write a quick note to thank you for your prayers for the Aboriginal Youth Camp "down under."  It was quite an adventure as we started out along the beach of One Arm Point, far up in the northwest of Australia.  Shortly after the camp kids started arriving, gale force winds started blowing and the tents were folding like laundry on the line.  We took down camp and moved into the Aboriginal community—some staying in a small church, some on the verandah of a local school and others in the community center.  From there, camp went on as usual amidst heavy rains and continued wind.  Gene had wonderful opportunities to teach the Aboriginal youth truths relevant to "keeping their eyes on the prize" (Phi 3:10) and there were many opportunities to share the Gospel with some college students from Perth who had come to help with activities.  Please pray that God the Holy Spirit would continue to convict their hearts and bring them to faith in Jesus Christ.  We brought three young Americans with us to the camp— Aspen, Aurora, and Matt—and they all did a great job of living and speaking the Gospel in their service, interaction, and conversations with others! 
Getting away from the camp was quite the test!  The storm closed the only dirt track into One Arm Point and Gene needed to get out and back to Perth in time to catch his flight to India.  The only vehicle allowed into the community was an essential-items food truck, which consisted of a semi with two trailers (road-train). Gene caught a ride with the food truck to get out in order to catch his flight to India—it was touch and go, as the driver had other deliveries to make along the way.  Shortly after he left One Arm Point, they opened the road for a short window of time.  The kids and Nan got whisked up into a four-wheel drive and actually ended up beating Gene to the airport, three hours away!  He came running into the airport with his backpack only minutes before the flight was closed, very surprised to see us there waiting for him!  By the way, he had an opportunity to witness to the driver, named Daniel, so please pray for him as well.
Gene is now in India.  He will be teaching all day throughout this week at our contact’s church.  The purpose of this visit is to provide sound biblical teaching and exhortation to illiterate village pastors.  He will be distributing small solar-powered recorders that have the New Testament in Telegu downloaded onto them.  What a blessing the teaching and the recorders will be to those who want to be strong in ministry but struggle due to lack of understanding and resources!  Please pray for Gene, for our contact, and for the village pastors.  What a privilege to be a part of what God is doing for others half way around the world through the simple joy of prayer! 
Just an update on some previous prayer requests that we had sent out: 
  • Our son, Cody, has arrived safely in Afghanistan.  He made Sergeant a few days after he arrived.  Today is his and Amy’s second anniversary and though I know it is hard for them to be apart, we rejoice that they are together in heart, soul, and purpose.  Our thanks go out to them and so many others who daily sacrifice their lives for our freedom.  
  • Logan Carnell has returned safely back from Haiti, and he is now preparing to return again later in the year with Des and a few others to do ministry with children and adults. 
  • Many of you have also been praying for young Malachi Preston.  His surgery was canceled and rescheduled for August.  Keep praying for him and we will keep you informed as the time of the rescheduled surgery draws near.
Thank you all for being such a great support team, and a channel of God’s grace to others! 
Gene and Nan
P.S.  There is beauty in every storm!  This sunrise picture was taken from our tent in the Outback the first morning the storm started blowing in.  A good reminder that God’s faithfulness and compassion is renewed to us with each and every sunrise! 
 "This I recall to my mind,
Therefore I have hope. 
The Lord’s lovingkindnesses indeed never cease,
For His compassions never fail. 
They are new every morning;
 Great is Thy faithfuness." 
Lamentations 3:21-23