Missions Review, 2006 

    January – Ese Bible Institute, Numba village, Papua New Guinea.
                Our original students will graduate this year!
                Pray for the two courses being taught this January
                    (Gene and Logan teaching).
    April/May – Conference of Nomadic Ministries in Jordan.
                We team up with Scott and Dana Clement
                with their ministry to horse-back nomads in Mongolia.
                Children’s Bible program in India.
    May 20 – Our departure from Cross Road Bible Church in Perth, Australia
                 Relocation to Prescott Valley, Arizona.
    June – We celebrate 32 years of marriage. 
                Teaching at Arkansas and Florida Youth camps.
    July – Teaching at Pennsylvania and Arizona youth camps.
                Many opportunities to teach at local churches in each of these places,
                as well as Ohio and Kansas.
    October – Mission to Lishasha village, western Zambia.
                A Bible conference is planned.  
                Here next year for many believers from remote areas including
                Namibia, Botswana, and Angola
                Also an evangelistic outreach to refugee camps.
    November – Pastor’s conference in Chulucanas, Peru with Evangelist Julio Cesar.
                The response was so great, this will definitely be on the schedule for next year. 

Meet our Mission Partners

We ask that you remember each of the following workers and their families in your prayers. As we get into the New Year, we hope to introduce you more fully to each of these ministry partners in more detail. Basic Training Bible Ministries not only provides support for these ministries, but is also financially supporting over 200 students world-wide in their training for the ministry. We greatly desire and value your prayers for our Mighty and gracious God to continue to supply and sustain this ministry. Apart from the gracious and sacrificial offerings of many believers this would not be possible, and we give thanks for each of you who faithfully give and uphold us before the throne of His grace. Without your partnership in this venture we could never continue this work.  

    Ethiopia – Mieraf Kabede Kenya – Pastor Cosmus Malova.
    Mozambique – Matt and Debi Zook, New Tribes Mission.
                    Debi is one of our students from Cross Road Bible Church.
                    She and Matt met at New Tribes mission school.
    Zambia – Pastors Happyson Mwashamputa and Stewart Sichilongo,
                    Redemption  Evangelistic Ministries.
    Zimbabwe – Pastor Ken Mawire.  

    Kazakhstan – Dr. Konstantin
    Mongolia – Scott Clement
    Burma and China – Nick (a pseudonym).

    Australia Jamie and Natasha Short, Looma Aboriginal fellowship.

    Papua New Guinea
– Pastor Michael Aparihi, Ese Bible institute. Jim and Jaki Parlier, S.I.L.

    South America – Evangelist Julio Cesar (Peru).  

New Fields of Service

Some of our work is in very sensitive areas of the globe. I have been praying for some time for open doors in certain areas of the world, and recently we have been contacted by believers in some areas that humanly speaking are very closed to the Gospel. The year 2007 may find us venturing into these fields, and again, we count so very much on the prayers of fellow believers for success in these areas.  

Gene Cunningham