Military Prayer Update 

On April 1, his 23rd birthday, our son Cody entered Marine Recon School. The day before had been devoted to entrance activities, including a PFT (personal fitness test). Of the entering group, four were dropped at this point. During the first full day, eight hours were spent in the pool, with extensive swim training. Five more were then DOR (dropped on request). Cody never makes a big deal about the intensity of training. When we ask about it, his usual response is something like, “Yeah, its good training, and I love it”.
During a break for chow on this first day, Cody was sitting near a guy he had been looking at all day. Something about this Navy Corpsman (medic) seemed familiar. Cody asked his name, and where he was from. Imagine the surprise of this young man when Cody said, “I think I used to play with you when we were little”! Sure enough, Daniel Brown is the son of Scott and Tanya Brown, who were in Harlan Park Bible Church in Arkansas those many years ago.
We ask that you remember Cody and Daniel in your prayers as they go through this training. They will both need to draw on their spiritual resources, and our prayers can help. Pray also that they can encourage each other, and be faithful witnesses to the others around them. As I told Cody when he entered boot camp, he is not just in the military; he is on the mission field. Pray that these young men will be drawn ever more into the experiential knowledge of the power of Jesus Christ in their lives.
We also recently had a visit from Lcpl. Seth Jacobs. He requested prayer for a Marine he has discipled, Nate Wada, who in turn has mentored three others, called the “Three Amigos”. These Marines deploy to Afghanistan this week. Their names are: John Mevey, Tom Davenport, and Jonathan Vincent. Please pray for these warriors as they go in harms way. Pray that they will serve in the fellowship of God’s Spirit, and live as examples of faith in Jesus Christ and obedience to His word.

Finally, we request that you pray daily for our President, national leaders, and especially the Military commanders in the field, for wise strategy and winning tactics. A recent report indicates that large numbers of Muslims are turning to Christ throughout the Islamic world. In Afghanistan, for example, the report indicates that from 17 known evangelical believers at the time of the coalition invasion, the number of believers has jumped to over 10,000 today. The same is happening throughout the Middle East. Pray for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to continue to go forth with the convicting power of the Spirit of God for the saving of souls for eternity.

Gene Cunningham