The prophet Malachi ministered to the Jews who returned from exile. In 586 B.C., Jerusalem was utterly destroyed (see Lamentations), and the final deportations of captives were taken to Babylon. Some captives (about 50,000) began to return under the leadership of Zerubbabel (see Ezra, Haggai, and Zechariah). However, the 70-year captivity was not over until the temple was rebuilt and worship resumed in Jerusalem, in 516 B.C. (see 1Ki 8:46–53; Jer 32:36–37; Dan 6:1–17). Many of the sins cited by Malachi were already prominent in the time of Nehemiah (cf. Nehemiah 13) and were corrected by his reforms.
These notes are from the February 2011 conference on Malachi held in Florida.

Malachi – The Choice of a Nation – Florida 2011

Gene Cunningham - January 25, 2011

Malachi Session 1

Malachi Session 1

Gene passed out notes at this conference. They can be found . The Plan of God deliberately worked out for those who were carried to Babylon (Jer 24:1-7). The ones who stayed in the land were going to be judged (Jer 24:8-10). Malachi ministers to those Jerimiah called "good figs". The prophecy fulfilled in Malachi's time was the finishing of the seven weeks (Dan 9:24-25). 396 BC is when Malachi wrote his book. In 445 BC was the command to rebuild Jerusalem. From Malachi's time until Jesus Christ, no prophets were in the land nor prophecies given. The theme of Malachi is "the messenger and his message". For Malachi, the prohecy is a burden to the God, the prophet, and the people (Mal 1:1). The people were all the tribes of Israel (none had been lost as some surmise).

There are five "messengers" in the book:

  1. Malachi (Mal 1:1) whose name means "My messenger,"

  2. The priests (Mal 2:7), who had failed

  3. John, the Baptizer (Mal 3:1a),

  4. Elijah (Mal 4:5), and

  5. Jesus Christ Himself (Mal 3:1b, Mal 4:2), the greatest of all.

Conference notes for this series can be found [HERE

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The choice of a nation: blessing or cursing' Mal 2:2 & Mal 4:2. Given at Grace Doctrine Church Clearwater Florida Pastor John Voisey and finished at Lighthouse Bible Church Deerfield Beach Florida Pastor John Farley. February 2011.

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