Knowing the Cost, Expressing the Value
Written by Nick Bacon
Our founding fathers knew that freedom comes with a very expensive price tag.  It was going to cost many American lives.  They also knew, in July of 1776, when they signed the Declaration of Independence, that they had probably signed their own death warrant.
This is a great country, one nation under God.  A nation of prosperity and respect for our people, their liberty and freedom.  I believe that our forefathers made a clear, forthright declaration of our dependence on our God and Savior in the closing words, “with firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”
Fifty-six great men signed that Declaration, few survived.  Five were captured and tortured to death by the enemy, twelve lost their homes and property, two lost sons in the Army, one had a son captured, and nine died supporting the war.
Such great men have continued to fight and die for this great country!  We are a great nation because we have always had great men and women who believe in the same principles and ideals as our nation’s founding fathers—men and women who trust in God and who depend upon each other.  I have lost many great friends in battle, young men who shall never see a tomorrow.  Their wives and children shall never again kiss the faces of their dead heroes.  Yes, I know the sadness of war, the many lost lives, the wounded.  Yet there would be the greater loss of freedom traded for chains, prosperity for hunger, hope for tears, were it not for these great Americans who have always been willing to pay the supreme sacrifice in protecting our nation from tyrants who would exercise their unjust cruelty over our people.
This is an attitude from the heart.  It is more important than the circumstances of life, than education, than skill, than money.  It is what makes or breaks a country or a people.
We shall always be a great nation as long as we teach our children that the knowledge and trust provided by the Redeemer of mankind, our Lord Jesus Christ, is of paramount importance.  With each teaching, it is impossible for us to be anything other than great.
A nation is only great when it is made so by its people.  Men and women who work hard every day, cultivating this great and blessed land.  Never hungry, but feeding the hungry; opening our nation’s arms and heart to the poor of the world.
I love this great land called the United States of America, and in all my travels, I have seen none so great.  I’ll fight for her and even die for her.  For, this is my land, secured by God and man.  If we ever allow God to be removed from us, we shall fail quickly.  For, what is a nation without God?
Let us remember all those who have perished for our freedom.  Don’t let their sacrifice stand for nothing in your life.  Tell everyone that they made the supreme sacrifice for a great cause; be proud you are an American, and thank God that you are.