Dear Prayer Warriors,

Due to travels and settling in here in Arizona, I have been delayed in updating the camp ministry report. Following the great Arkansas camp (hosted and organized by Monty and Cheryl Watkins), I went on to join Steve and Marylin Pomeroy and the team at Lighthouse Point for the youth camp in Florida from June 19-22. As always, it was good to link up again with this great youth ministry. Bobby Joiner and I challenged the campers regarding the power and ministry of the Holy Spirit. It was good to see these young people attentively drinking in the word of God, and to watch them implementing many of the truths we were teaching in their lives. [NOTE: Listen to the lessons at the end of this report]

A special treat for me was to see Stevie Hehir back on leave from Army Airborne training. I have watched this young man grow from a small boy to a tall and proud soldier in the U.S. Army, and a fine gentleman as well. He is an example of the power of God’s word to mold lives of discipline and honor, and devoted to setting self aside to serve others. It is a courageous thing for a young man or woman in todays uncertain world to enlist in military service. We also see many others dedicating themselves to preparation and training for missionary service. I would ask that you take time daily to pray for such young "eagles" by name, lifting them up before the throne of grace.

Also pray for the upcoming camps in Erie, Pa. (Pastor Mike Bryant) and Arizona Youth Camp, co-hosted by Basic Training Bible Ministries and Westside Bible Church (Pastor Larry Hoffman). We need many more campers for the Arizona camp. Please pray that God will stir up parents and pastors to see the vital need to challenge these young lives with regard to faith in Jesus Christ and a live for the word of God. Reports on these camps will be posted in the future. Stand firm in the faith!

Gene Cunningham


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