India Children’s Bible Schools

May 2008


God did it….again!  We recently returned from our 8th annual Children’s Bible Schools in the enchanting land of India.  Once again we enjoyed two weeks of teaching hundreds of eager little Indian children that warmed our hearts and strengthened our souls!

As always, it was incredible as we had the opportunity to teach so many hungry hearts and share the Gospel with many in darkness.  At the last village we did I was sitting on the floor with the kids while the other "aunties" gave the Gospel and Bible stories.  At that time I looked around at the hundred or so scraggly little village kids sitting around me all peering up with amazement at the beautiful pictures displaying the Gospel message.  I have heard the Gospel presented hundreds of times, and probably given the message that many times myself.  But at that time the Spirit of God heavily impressed upon me once again the beauty of the message of God’s love and sacrifice in our behalf.  It brought me to tears. And with that impression the great realization of how far He will go in time, expense, and human effort to bring the message of His love to one soul.  As the children were gathered inside there were many Hindu adults listening from the porch, peering in through the windows.  My soul was heavily burdened for them to hear with open hearts the message of salvation.