Asia Mission Report
May, 2009
“Remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them, and those who
 are ill-treated, since you yourselves also are in the body.” Heb 13:3
“The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent
That you did it to one of these brothers of mine, even the least of them,
You did it to Me.’ ” Mat 25:40
I want to thank all of you who have kept us in prayer over the past month. While Nan was in India for the annual Children’s Bible Schools, Logan and I were in Asia training workers and leaders of the underground churches. We always feel so priveleged to work with these believers, to add to their training, and to be strengthened by their amazing faith  in Jesus Christ.

Often we work in areas and with people that cannot be identified, for their own safety, and the continuation of their work. I often see mission reports from sensitive areas, where locations are given, and pictures of the people are posted. I question the sensibility of doing this. It is no question that some governments have agents who scan the sites of Christian websites, first to find out who is working in their area, and second to get information on what believers in the country are doing.

So I am happy to report that we had no troubles along the way, met with some amazing believers, and enjoyed both teaching and listening to their stories. Among our students was a little old man dressed in very shabby and dirty clothes. I asked to hear his story. He told me of his father who was arrested and imprisoned for his faith. He died in prison after much abuse. Later his son (the man telling the story) was also arrested, because he had taken up his father’s work. He told of some of the torture he endured, and of how the Lord sustained him through the ordeal. During his recital of abuse, my translator said to him, “If I had to go through that I would die!” The little man looked at him with eyes that told of the pain even the memories brought back and said simply, “It is not easy,”  but went on to declare that God made Himself very real to him at this time.

I taught through the book of First Thessalonians, with Logan taking a couple of the sessions. The students were very attentive, but not until almost the end of the time did they open up and begin to discuss the classes and ask questions. In some cultures, getting them to ask the questions they have is difficult, because in their minds it is an insult to the teacher—as if to say that he has not done a good job of explaining the subject. I took along a frisbee, which some of them had never seen. They were mystified at first at the means of throwing it, some tried to "push" it into flight, but in a couple of days it was the chief activity during our breaks.  

We ask that you remember to pray for the persecuted church, and also check out the Voice of the Martyrs ministry, to gain better understanding of what many believers around the world endure for their faith. I would also encourage you to send some support to this ministry, as they have ways of helping many of these suffering saints.

Also remember to pray for our contacts in Pakistan, as they are affected by the events taking place there. We thank you all for joining us in service to our Lord by your prayers and gifts. Believe me, when we are in the field, we often ask God to awaken people from sleep to lift us up in prayer. I am confident He has done so.

For the cause of truth,

Gene Cunningham