Arkansas Youth Camp
Mission Report
We returned on Monday night from a long-haul cross-country road trip in which we clocked nearly 3,000 miles on our vehicle. As we travelled across the country we saw beautiful vistas, met some fellow believers, had opportunities for witness, and were graced by the privilege to participate in the annual Arkansas Youth Camp. It was this camp, started back in 1979 which got us involved in annual youth camps, and in time grew while we were at the church in Conway to hundreds of campers, bringing youths and adults from as many as 27 states. In time this ministry inspired a number of camps around the country. The camp is now operated by Monty and Cheryl Watkins, under direction of Pastor Mark Goad, and the many helpers from Grace Bible Church in Hot Springs.
The theme of the camp was “Redeem the Time” (Eph 5:16-17) and provided an excellent opportunity for challenging the campers and adults alike regarding the perilous times in which we find our selves. I was given six classes, and Nan also had three children’s classes and three classes with the Ladies.  The notes and audio classes will be on the website soon. 
Among the highlights; at least one boy trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior, we ask you to pray for Kendall. Many indicated that the classes had spoken to needs in their lives, or challenged them in some way. A very special ending to the camp was the final flag raising, attended by the Arkansas VFW Honor Guard. After the raising of the flag to the bugle call of reveille the honor guard fired a twenty-one gun salute. The flag was then retired and folded as the significance of the thirteen folds was recited by Pastor Mark Goad. This was followed by the presentation of two folded flags: the first was to Mrs. Glenna Haynes, in honor of her late husband Bill who recently died of lung cancer. Bill was a Marine and veteran of the Korean War. He served on the board of Basic Training Bible Ministries and he and Glenna have been long time students and friends. The second flag was presented to Debbie Hendrix, who as a foster mother helped to raise PFC William Long, who was shot and killed June 1st while on recruiting duty in Little Rock.  The assasin was a recent convert to Islam. Debbie attended our church in Conway for many years and has spent her life fostering needy children. 
We also had the great privilege of visiting with Nick and Tammy Bacon. Nick is a close friend and founding member of the board of Basic Training, and is now suffering throat cancer. He has elected not to undergo chemo and radiation, and trust the Lord with his allotted time. We ask that you continue to pray for the entire family to know the grace and peace of our Lord during this time. We ask the Great physician to touch Nick’s body with His healing hand, and raise him up for further service. We know that our God is able, and we rest in His all-wise plan.
We thank the Lord for safe travel all along the way. Our next mission starts June 27 as we return to Peru for our annual conference in Chulucanas with Julio Ceasaras. Sometimes we get weary with all the coming and going of our lifestyle, but never tire of the marvelous privilege to serve our Lord and Savior across this land and around the world. Thank you for your participation through prayers and generous support. 
Prayer requests
1. For Nick Bacon and family.
2. For believers met along the way including Delores in New Mexico, Clint and Ella Pemberton in Texas, and for their little grandson, Landon, who is suffering from a blood disorder.
3. Pray for our son Cody, who will be entering jump school at Fort Benning the end of this month before he deploys to Afghanistan.
4. For new requests for Bible Conferences in Southern California, the Chicago area, South-West Colorado, and be watching for news of the Central Texas Cowboy Conference.
5. For the upcoming conference in Peru (Gene, Nan, Cindy, Joan)
6. For Arizona Youth Camp July 13-17th.
7. We hope to return to Asia in late July to minister to Lisu Believers in remote areas. Pray for the planning and preparations of this trip.