A Call to the Unseen Army
26 Sept. 08
“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves,
and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways,
then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and
heal their land.”  2 Chr 7:14
America in Crisis
We are watching unprecedented events unfold before our eyes. Years of cronyism, deceit, greed, and perfidy both by financial and governmental leaders has brought America to the brink of financial disaster. The world watches as our leaders attempt to impose on the American people the biggest bailout in our history. In its initial form, written into the bailout bill, was the demand that there be no oversight of any kind, by any agency, over the use of the 700 billion dollars allotted for the massive measure. While corrupt CEO’s, who should be in prison, walk away from ruined institutions with millions, the American people are asked to shoulder the burden of their fecklessness.
A Revolution in the Wings
Americans are mad! Have we finally had enough both of Washington and Wall Street? Across this country there is a ground swell of resistance against the bail-out. Americans are finding their voice, and are fighting mad. And there are a few who are hearing the growing rumble of resistance. A handful of Republican and even Democratic leaders have taken a historic stand against “business as usual” in Washington. We are watching events unfold that will decide the future of this great nation. Will we be railroaded into creeping socialism, or will we remain a free country, where freedom to succeed by wise counsel and prudent action is matched by the freedom to fail, and fail disastrously when greed, deception, and duplicity are the guiding principles. It is time for all right-thinking Americans to say “enough”!
The Call to Arms
The above passage of scripture reminds us that our future will not be decided, ultimately, by financiers or politicians. How this crisis plays out will be determined by an invisible army, unseen and unsung, and whether that army has the courage and readiness to take a stand. If the children of God do not take this time seriously, and engage in spiritual combat through prayer, the outcome is assured to be gloomy. Whether our economy collapses, or a socialistic bailout is engineered, America as we know it will never be the same. If the saints of the Most High will take the above promise at face value, and not just quote the verse, but act in united and persistent prayer, God will do as He has promised, and we may see a great victory for our nation. We need as never before to stop thinking from a self-centered, materialistic perspective. Our future, and that of our children, is at risk. Times of crisis are the “knocking” of the Lord of Hosts, calling His people, and an entire nation, to restore His honor to its rightful place in the life of the nation.
How Shall We Pray?
The present crisis calls for action. Don’t wait hoping that dithering politicians will deliver you. Claim the birthright you have as a child of God. As D.L. Moody said, “Prayer moves the Arm that moves the world.” When we study the life of Elijah, we see one man who changed the course of his nation, and brought Israel to repentance, by powerful and effective prayer. And as Elijah was surprised to learn, behind him were 7,000 unknown prayer-warriors holding the line with him. Will we choose to be the invisible army and turn the tide?
Confession and Repentance
The question at hand is, how shall we pray? Let’s take our guide from the Bible. In Dan.9, recognizing that the time for deliverance of his nation was at hand, Daniel devoted himself to prayer. How did he pray? Read Dan 9:3-19. The entire prayer is a confession on behalf of his nation, for all the corruption and disobedience of past years, and a cry for God to restore His honor among His people. He admits that all that had come upon Israel was due to their repeated disobedience to the word of God. His prayer for deliverance is for the sake of the glory of God alone. Will we begin to stand as intercessory mediators for our nation? Will we, as representatives, share responsibility for the sins of our nation? Will we acknowledge, and repent of, our own greed, self-centered lifestyles, and materialistic consumerism? If not we cannot be part of the solution to our current crisis, for we continue to be the cause of it.
Hallowed Be Thy Name
When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He placed the petition for the glory of God at the top of the list. There is no higher request we can make. And for God to be glorified, men need to be humbled and broken. What we see happening is the humbling of a nation. Many in Washington refuse to admit this, and want to continue policies that promote and protect villainous practices. If it takes financial collapse to bring America to it’s knees, and to turn this blind and arrogant nation back to a place where we will humbly bow before Almighty God, then so be it. Let us pray that God will do whatever is necessary to break the pride and greed of this nation. For at the present time, no other nation on earth matches the description of the Great Whore (Rev18) as America does. Yet there is a greatness that remains in this country that no other nation has ever matched. As “one nation under God”, will we choose to be “under His wings” of protection, or under His feet in judgment?
An Open Door
Finally, in addition to a prayer of confession and a cry for God’s glory, we should be praying that out of this time of uncertainty and instability, Christ might be made known across this land. In Col 4:3-4 the Apostle Paul requests prayer from his prison cell. He does not ask them to pray for his release, nor for the supply of any of his needs. His request is that God would open the door for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be made clear. This nation, which over the past three decades has done everything possible to banish God from the public forum, must return to Him, or there is no hope of deliverance from ever increasing Divine judgment. This may be our last wake-up call.
We as a people need to host a new “tea party”, only it is the pirates that need to be tossed into the sea. It is time for Americans to stand up to our elected officials, and demand integrity and accountability. It is time to put an end to “earmarks” that siphon off billions of dollars every year for cronyism with a view to career politicians staying in office. But more crucial than any of these considerations is the need for America to turn back to our God. If we fail in this, all other “remedies” will fail, and we will be soon swept from the stage of history. Now is the time to choose. May God awaken His people to join the invisible battle raging for the soul of this great land. Amen!