This Spring 2013 conferene held in Arkansas is the first of a trilogy dealing with the role and purpose of the Church, the Rapture—our blessed hope, and staking the enigma out of Paul’s “mystery.”
“For the Lord has created a new thing in the earth—a woman shall encompass a mighty hero.” Jer 31:32
“Behold, I make all things new.” Rev 21:5


The Purpose of the Church – Arkansas Conference 2013

Gene Cunningham - December 21, 1998

Upper Room Discourse #3

Upper Room Discourse #3

1st John reflects on what John learned in the Upper Room: . Joh 13:31-35 "...God is glorified in Him...a new commandment ... love... by this all will know". In the upper room Jesus knew what was in the heart of his disciples, but still "...loved them to the uttermost (Joh 13:1)". Jesus suffered personal hostility (Joh 13:18-30); if you are growing in grace you'll experience the same. Internal opposition (Joh 13:36-38 through Joh 14:1-11). Hostility from the world (Joh 15:18-25). Hostility from the Devil himself (Joh 14:30).

Scripture References: John 15:18-25, John 14:1-11, John 13:36-38, John 13:18-30, John 13:1, John 13:31-35, John 14:30

From Series: "The Upper Room"

Originally given in Tucson AZ in August 2007 this series amplifies the crux of Christian doctrine as delivered by Jesus to His disciples in John chapters 13 through 17 - the Upper Room.

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