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Gene Cunningham - September 25, 2003

Ezekiel #37

Ezekiel #37

Jesus Christ has claimed this earth (Psa 24:1-10). David asked who can do this. Ezekiel saw the Glory of the Lord departing the temple out through the East Gate (Eze 10:4-5, Eze 10:18-19, Eze 11:23), like Jesus last trip away from the temple via the same route (Mat 23:39, Mat 24:1). Ezekiel's vision anticipates the second coming of Jesus Christ, who is the Glory of the Lord (Eze 43:1-7) Eze 43:13). Who is the King and who is the Prince (Eze 44:1-5)? The East Gate is holy; no man is to enter by it except the Prince of Israel, David (Eze 44:2-3, Eze 37:24-25, Psa 89:20-29). Prince will present offerings (Eze 45:21-25). David is the firstborn and will be high priest of the nation (Eze 45:22); David will lead the worship (Eze 46:1-3). The Prince will fellowship with his people (Eze 46:10). Why are there priests and why are there sacrifices? The Levites will be gatekeepers — the sons of Korah who rebelled (Num 16), but were allowed to be door-keepers (Eze 44:10-14, Psa 84:10, Psa 42; 44-49, 84-85; 87-88, 1Ch 26:19). Sons of Zadok stayed faithful to Solomon and will serve close to the Lord and teach (Eze 44:15-16, Eze 44:23, Heb 5:14, Eze 44:28). David will own the land as double portion (Eze 45:7, Psa 23:6). We are rewarded or faithfulness (Rev 3:12). Levitical sacrifices (1) Burnt offering (Lev 1:1-17) pictures the work on the cross; (2) Grain offering in (Lev 2:1-16) is comprised of fine meal (Joh 12:24) and fine oil - a picture of the Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit (2Co 5:21); (3) Peace offering (Lev 3:1-17) which speaks of the benefit of salvation, namely, reconciliation; (4) Sin offering (Lev 4:1-35) speaks of sin we commit unknowingly; (5) Trespass offering (Lev 5:1-19) pictures sin we commit knowingly after salvation. Today, 1Jo 1:9 contains both those concepts. Why is there a river flowing to the east? The water flows from the throne room in the temple with water which will heal the dead sea (Eze 47:1-12, Rev 22:1-2). The name of the city "The Lord is There" (Eze 48:35).

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From Series: "Ezekiel - 2002"

Ezekiel's vision of God's glory effected his life.

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