Gene Cunningham - October 12, 2000

Biblical Chivalry #2

Biblical Chivalry #2

Act 13:22 Rebellion to proper authority is rebellion against GOD. David - a man after GOD’s heart. Eph 5:25-28 Goals for husbands. Starting point of loving your wife (as your own body): feed, protect, adorn, stimulate (mental, physical, and soul), and rest. David is a role model for men. The difference between David and others is David was always aiming for the goal. That goal is GOD’s idea of a man. Our manners should always pass inspection as if we were in a king’s court. During the barbarism of Feudalism from 600-1100 a.d., the idea of Chivalry resulted from a small group of knights who studied scripture. Chivalry is a code of conduct. Biblical chivalry is a code of character, a study for battle, a guide for romance. 1Ch 16:13-14 vigilance, stand firm, be a man, be strong, love. Gen 5:6 man after the fall. 1Pe 2:7 men should be warrior heroes, a protector of a wife’s soul. Adam had a message to tell, a world to tend, an enemy to conquer. A man is prophet, priest, kingship, and warrior. Gen 3:14 3 arenas: world, home (Gen 4:7), and inner life. Act 13:22 a man is responsible. 1Ki 2:1-46 biblical character, man in relationship, man in battle.

Scripture References: Genesis 3:14, Genesis 5:6, Ephesians 5:25-28, Acts 13:22, Genesis 4:7, Acts 13:22

From Series: "Biblical Chivalry"

Men are to have a battle a romance and victory. Chivalry defined 'a knight' gentlemen in the highest sense of the word. Chivalry is a code of conduct containing courage honor and readiness. Our role from GOD is to be a man with courage endurance and love!

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