The theme for the Spring 2011 Bible conference in Phoenix is found both at the beginning and end of the book (1Ti 1:18, 1Ti 6:12). In each reference, different words and phrases are used. In the first, Paul speaks of the good fight of faith as an ongoing campaign, thus reminding us that we are part of a vast and great spiritual army. In the last, his words focus on our own personal struggle, a good reminder that no one can fight our battle for us. This scope and intensity will be captured as we follow Paul’s thought through the book.


Gene Cunningham - April 15, 2011

Fight the Good Fight #4

Fight the Good Fight #4

The spiritual life is a battle. The priesthood came from warriors. Phinehas, a levite, was the model priest-warrior in early Jewish history. The spiritual priority is the learn to be effective in prayer. Paul is an example. Priesthood begins with the attitude, heart and soul and prayer (1Ti 2:1, Joh 16:7-11). The priethood is offering ourself "a living sacrifice (Rom 12:1-2). Goldliness is conformity to Jesus Christ (1Ti 2:2). "God our saviour" is a Hebrew viewpoint -- a phrase that brings God closer to us (Tit 1:3-4, Tit 2:9, Tit 3:6). 

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Scripture References: Romans 12:1-2, John 16:7-11, Titus 3:6, Titus 2:9, Titus 1:3-4

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Fight the Good Fight' was given in Phoenix AZ 2011.

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