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Beauty For Ashes - 2010 - Florida

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Introduction: (audio lesson link)

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Father of mercies and God of all comfort.” 2CO 1:3
1.                  Have you ever stood in great need of comfort and encouragement? If so, you know that in time of affliction, there is no thought or word that has deeper meaning, nor any possession of greater value, than that of effective and genuine comfort.
2.                  We are presently living in a time of great national and historical crisis. In such times, incidents of personal suffering and affliction will inevitably increase.
3.                  Personal suffering and affliction often leads people to seek comfort in all the wrong ways, compounding their difficulties in days ahead. Each of us will no doubt face our own trials, and will stand in need of some form of comfort in the days ahead.
4.                  Not only this, but we will all see friends and loved ones going through tough times, and we will want to see them find comfort as well.
5.                  The objective of this study is to equip us to have the assurance that there is comfort available, and to know how to be comforted, as well as how to be a comfort to others in the fires of affliction.
Our Study Outline:
I.          The Need for Comfort
II.        The Way into Comfort
III.       The God of All Comfort
IV.       The Comfort of Jesus Christ
V.        The Other Comforter
VI.       The Comfort of the Word
VII.     Comfort One Another
Page 1 of 8
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8 Pages
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