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Spiritual Survival Kit

To meet the daily challenges of life it is not enough that we have the truths of the Word in a Bible on the shelf. We must carry them within us. In this hostile environment of the cosmic battlefield, we must have a Spiritual Survival Kit in our souls (Psa. [...]

Who Dares, Wins

“Who Dares—Wins,” is the motto of the elite Australian SAS forces. Formed in 1957, the SAS is dedicated to superior performance under the extreme demands of combat environment by intensive training—intellectually and physically. These soldiers are required to push back the envelope of personal limitations so as to develop stamina, [...]


If you are a Christian who does not joyfully seek out opportunities to share Christ with a dark and dying world, then this study is for you. It will help you understand why all Christians must be committed to personal evangelism.

The Basics Book

If you'd like a hardcopy of this book, it can be ordered HERE. Please note that the Basics Book is currently being edited. The scanned PDF English version posted here contains errors not contained in the printed version. An new PDF version of the English Basic Book will be uploaded [...]